5 Tips For Assured eCommerce Product Page Optimization

The rapid growth in the e-commerce and constant evolution of the technology have made it is essential for the merchants to stay on their feet. With the emerging demand for online shopping and easily accessible products more and more e-commerce owners are stepping into the digital ground. However, only the websites with higher visibility on search engines can garner maxim user’s attention and grow their businesses. Most of the potential buyers are tend to go for the products suggested by the search engines organically.

To make sure that your product ranks first on the search engine you need to get done Product page optimization, with the help of effective optimization strategy, your product page will get the maximum visibility. After in-depth research and going through different ways we have handpicked the top 5 most effective ways you can optimize your product page to get higher ranking on the search engines.

1. Design and Focus

The product page aims to deliver the best information of the product to the users. The more convincing your page looks the more chance you will have to convert the users into a buyer. You need to be very careful while designing your product page makes sure it is product focused on all the possible details. The most common mistakes that most of the websites make is not to make the product-centric page; instead, they filled with more text and ads. Try to design the page with a potential buyer’s point of view and try to think would you buy the product with this much information. Do not clutters the page with too much information just give the essential ones with bullet points.

2. Take High-quality informative images

The images play a very vital role on the product page; most of the users only look for the images. First, you need to make sure that you have plenty of images of the product from all possible sides to give a brief idea about the product. Besides, all the images must be available in High Quality so when a user zooms it won’t pixelate. Apart from this, the placing of the images must be in services according to sides starting from the front view. Do not repeat a single image of the product; ensure that the images are of the same dimensions. While capturing the images of the product take help from the professionals while keeping the background white.

3. Target the relevant keywords with high search volume

The major part of the product page optimization will be done by the relevant keywords. Find the relevant keywords for your product page using the SEO tools and place them on the page. You can use the keywords on tags including the title, and an image along with the product description. But, try to place the keywords with logic in the entire content do not stuff them without any meaning. The more beautifully and logically your use the keywords the higher chances of ranking you will get. However, overuse of the keywords can also get you in trouble so maintain the balance for product page optimization.

4. Add testimonials and customer reviews

The search engines look more than keywords and images to suggest your product page to the users. The reviews and testimonials are an essential element of the product page that could help you rank the page. Try to add the testimonials with higher ratings of the product. Integrate the option to post and see the reviews about the product so the consumers can know about the product. The genuine and honest ratings of the product will give the users real information that will help your page to find a top place in the search rankings

5. Incorporate Product Videos

Nowadays, consumers don’t have enough time to go through the entire text-based product information. Try to add an informative product video on the page so the user can get all the required information with reading. The video will also help the users to understand the product more thoroughly which will further convince them of buying it.

All the tips mentioned above will help you in getting an active product page optimization. Try to implement all the suggestions so your page can rank higher and visible to most of the users and hence they all can get converted into loyal customers.