Top 10 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile Apps Promotion

More than 3 million Android apps in the Google Play Store and 2.5 million apps in the Apple App Store make the app market furious than ever. According to the latest reports, hundreds of apps get submitted to these app stores every week. This makes the mobile app industry most competitive than ever. With the sudden boom of the technology and evolution of Smartphone’s, mobile apps have become a requisite need of every business. However, having an app and making it available to the targeted users is different.

To generate revenue and get your app in the top downloads rank you need to make your visible in the app stores. This is why an effective app promotion is necessary to make sure that your app reaches to targeted users to get you higher revenue.

Here are the top 10 ways you can promote your mobile app

1. Pre-launch Marketing

This is the most underestimated way of promoting among the app owners. Most of the people first try to get their app developed, get it ready and start promoting just after the launch. However, you can’t expect the users to download or use something they never heard about before. SO, to make sure that the potential users must be aware of your app you need lay down some marketing platform for the app. Do some pre-launch marketing activities like creating a social buzz, advertising, running ads or promoting your app’s motto. This will make these users interesting as well as curious to know what you are going to offer eventually.

2. Try Early Access

The early access program on the app stores is the most effective way of app promotions. Ask the users to try your app for free in the early development stage and give their reviews to make it perfect. This will help your app to get promoted with word of mouth. Besides, the promotion you will also get the honest reviews and expectation of the users to make your app flawless before the final launch.

3. App Store Optimization

Similar to SEO, the mobile apps also have ASO which helps the apps to get higher ranking the app stores. With the perfect ASO tactics, you can get your app higher in the app searches and drive more users towards. Moreover, the apps suggested by the app stores organically are mostly preferred by the users. Under ASO you can target the right keywords, choose the right name, screenshots, and description to get the maximum attention.

4. Reviews and Ratings

The app reviews and ratings on the app stores are more important than you think. According to the surveys and reports, 90% of the users go through the user reviews and look for the ratings before downloading an app. So, you need to make sure that your app reviews are good and ratings are higher. However, you may get bad reviews sometimes but don’t panics just try to revert on it as soon as possible and fix the user issue immediately that will help you in gaining the user’s trust and loyalty.

5. Mobile Advertising agencies

If you have a budget for advertisement, then you should get your app advertised to garner maximum traffic. Honestly, in the contemporary situation, it is almost impossible for a new app to get instant attention of the users. So, you need to invest a little money to get more money in this market. However, make sure that you are going for the right marketing agency before paying them.

6. Social Media

After the advertising advice, I want to give a promotion Idea that could get a million downloads without spending a penny if implemented successfully. Social media is capable of making your app a store overnight. You need to make sure that app owns a place on every social media platform to make a bold presence. Start posting about app features and what you think your targeted users would love to try. The social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest could give a reach to millions of potential users.

7. Social Media Sharing button

Having a social media presence is one thing but providing the option to share it with others over these platforms is something everyone likes. You need to makes sure that your app has the buttons for sharing it over social media. You can also add the social media sharing button to share the content of your website depending upon the features and functionalities.

8. Get Influencers

In today’s digital world where everyone has connected through the Internet, people believe someone they are following. So, you need to pick the right influencers having a strong presence over the Internet. Ask the influencers to promote your app to their followers so you can get a bigger exposure.

9. Get reviewed by big websites

Getting the users trust is the key to make a per ant place on their smartphones which can be done with the help of big websites. Contact the popular websites of your industry to review your app and post it on their portal. With a genuine and good review, you will be able to acquire a huge user acquisition for your app.

10. A Beautiful Website

A loyal user will definitely go through the website of the app to make sure about the authenticity of the provider. You must have a beautiful and user- website of your app displaying all the required information to the users. Besides, with the help of a website, you can also promote yours over different websites and search engines.

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5 Tips For Assured eCommerce Product Page Optimization

eCommerce Product Page Optimization

The rapid growth in the e-commerce and constant evolution of the technology have made it is essential for the merchants to stay on their feet. With the emerging demand for online shopping and easily accessible products more and more e-commerce owners are stepping into the digital ground. However, only the websites with higher visibility on search engines can garner maxim user’s attention and grow their businesses. Most of the potential buyers are tend to go for the products suggested by the search engines organically.

To make sure that your product ranks first on the search engine you need to get done Product page optimization, with the help of effective optimization strategy, your product page will get the maximum visibility. After in-depth research and going through different ways we have handpicked the top 5 most effective ways you can optimize your product page to get higher ranking on the search engines.

1. Design and Focus

The product page aims to deliver the best information of the product to the users. The more convincing your page looks the more chance you will have to convert the users into a buyer. You need to be very careful while designing your product page makes sure it is product focused on all the possible details. The most common mistakes that most of the websites make is not to make the product-centric page; instead, they filled with more text and ads. Try to design the page with a potential buyer’s point of view and try to think would you buy the product with this much information. Do not clutters the page with too much information just give the essential ones with bullet points.

2. Take High-quality informative images

The images play a very vital role on the product page; most of the users only look for the images. First, you need to make sure that you have plenty of images of the product from all possible sides to give a brief idea about the product. Besides, all the images must be available in High Quality so when a user zooms it won’t pixelate. Apart from this, the placing of the images must be in services according to sides starting from the front view. Do not repeat a single image of the product; ensure that the images are of the same dimensions. While capturing the images of the product take help from the professionals while keeping the background white.

3. Target the relevant keywords with high search volume

The major part of the product page optimization will be done by the relevant keywords. Find the relevant keywords for your product page using the SEO tools and place them on the page. You can use the keywords on tags including the title, and an image along with the product description. But, try to place the keywords with logic in the entire content do not stuff them without any meaning. The more beautifully and logically your use the keywords the higher chances of ranking you will get. However, overuse of the keywords can also get you in trouble so maintain the balance for product page optimization.

4. Add testimonials and customer reviews

The search engines look more than keywords and images to suggest your product page to the users. The reviews and testimonials are an essential element of the product page that could help you rank the page. Try to add the testimonials with higher ratings of the product. Integrate the option to post and see the reviews about the product so the consumers can know about the product. The genuine and honest ratings of the product will give the users real information that will help your page to find a top place in the search rankings

5. Incorporate Product Videos

Nowadays, consumers don’t have enough time to go through the entire text-based product information. Try to add an informative product video on the page so the user can get all the required information with reading. The video will also help the users to understand the product more thoroughly which will further convince them of buying it.

All the tips mentioned above will help you in getting an active product page optimization. Try to implement all the suggestions so your page can rank higher and visible to most of the users and hence they all can get converted into loyal customers.

7 Futuristic e-commerce of 2019 driving sales and ROI

E commerce 2019

Over the past few years, the e-commerce industry has been experiencing steady growth. It is said that by 2021 global e-commerce revenue will reach to $4.88 trillion. So you can expect more business growth in the coming years. It’s a competitive market you need to stay on your toes to get ahead. Technology keeps changing and you also need advanced technology to sustain in the market.

Let’s explore the top emerging e-commerce trends that you should follow in 2019 to beat your competition.

1. Offering In-Store Pickup

Online shopping already offers delivery but nowadays merchants provide in-store pickup feature too. This will be very useful if you have the number of stores in different locations. It will also deal with your inventory management issues. It will save your order fulfillment costs, you can easily answer their queries when shoppers visit the store and also compare products. With this, your staff will on cross-selling and up-selling.

2. Multi: currency, language, and channel

There are many platforms which support multi-currency options. If people see familiar payment options in the currencies then it might increase your conversion rate. Multi-language offers retailers to localize their sites and make their message accessible to the local audience. Last, multi-channel lets sellers put their message and their products in front of customers wherever they are. Instead of forcing customers to come to you, it’s now easier to just come to them.

3. Chatbots as Personal Assistants

Since a few years, we have been using chatbots. AI-powered Chatbots helps the business grow as it increases user engagement. It is estimated that by 2025 Chatbots will reach to $1.25 billion. With every passing year, chatbots are getting cheaper, smarter and widespread.

4. Smart Payment Processing Method

One of the last steps in your ultimate shopping journey is the payment process. This process has to be effortless and smooth for an easy payment option that will ensure quick conversions. And if you work on a global level then it must offer a better payment solution.

5. Localize and Personalize Customer Experience

It is very important to identify your potential customer. Use various customer data points to personalize your website and deliver relevant products. The data points include customers’ Search Queries, Purchase History, Shopping Cart, Social Behaviour, Geographic Location or Segments. By using such data points, you can deliver nothing but the best to individual customers. All personalization should aim to better the customer experience.

6. Voice Search Will Take Lead

Numbers of e-commerce sites have already begun using voice search. As per Google guidelines, content for voice search should include more textual content as this will allow them to appear in rich snippets and knowledge graphs. Use of voice-enabled buttons can lead to more conversions from smart speakers.

7. Diversity in representation

E-commerce brands have lately understood that what they need to do in order to appeal customer. Yes, they now use models that look like real people. More importantly, women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and life experiences were able to see models that actually looked like them. This kind of campaign will increase your sells considerably.

Take Away

Start with the trends you believe will bring your company the best return on investment. These trends, when combined, form a solid foundation for a holistic business strategy meant to boost sales and pave the way for brand innovations and a futuristic, yet satisfying, customer experience so follow the trend that you believe will bring your company the best return on investment.