We adopt an agile methodology for all our projects. This means we work collaboratively with our clients in an iterative fast paced environment. Software is thoroughly tested in each iteration to ensure high quality. Our clients see their product taking shape throughout the development cycle.

How does it benefit our clients?

Flexibility in adopting changes throughout the cycle. This also helps reduce the overall project cost. Clients see working version of software frequently during development cycle. This means they can provide their continuous feedback minimising rework speeding up project delivery.


We are an enthusiastic team of IT professionals with diverse backgrounds in education, culture and work experiences. The Founder Nilesh worked in large multinationals for many years and believed that the same levels of quality and customer service could be provided to small and medium businesses. With this in mind, they started their first venture in 2008 and since then worked with many businesses redefine their digital presence and develop smart IT solutions helping them to take their businesses to the next level.

We pride ourselves in providing IT solutions with the help of our robust internal quality framework and keeping excellent customer service in mind. 90% of our business is through referrals from our strong client network.