What May Be The Cost Of iPhone App Development In London?

In the past few years, iPhone app design and development has gained much popularity. This may be because of the increasing iPhone users. If you want to create an app for iPhone in UK, there are many service providers across the globe that can help you right from idea conceptualization to the successful delivery of the app. Once you have made up your mind for iPhone app development in London, you will have to start looking for expert developers.

Wondering how much does it cost to develop an app for iPhone in London? Well, there are several factors that need to be taken into account when you want to hire iPhone app developers in London. iPhone application development is a multibillion dollar industry as there as many options available for developing apps for this platform.

Type of app

This is a major factor that helps to determine the cost of iPhone application development London. You can develop apps for different categories and industries such as food, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, utility, etc. Speaking in broad terms, you can develop apps for profit generation or branding your business. No matter what the purpose of app development may be, you should make the most out of iPhone app development London.

Features and functionality

Once you’ve decided which category you would want to develop an app for, you should think of the functionalities. Have a look at the competitors’ apps and get an idea about the features. Think out-of-the-box and come up with something new if you want to stand out. Talking to the industry experts can also help you figure out the features and functionality for app development.

Company for iPhone app development

After finalizing the features of the app, you will need to look for expert iPhone app development companies London. You can also hire offshore agencies to make your dreams come true. The reputation and experience of the company determines the cost of iPhone application development.

Typical iPhone app development costs:

Simple, basic apps- $ 1,000 to $ 5,000

If you are looking for a simple app where you will provide the content and direction, it may cost around $ 2,000. You may need to provide the graphics for the app.

Database (Native) apps – $ 8,000 to $ 50,000

Looking for a native mobile app? You may need to provide each piece of information such as content, images, etc. The cost may depend on the features and flow of the app. The project may be front heavy since the data of the app will be important. You can speak to expert iPhone app developers London to get an idea about the cost of your project.

Games – $ 10,000 to $ 250,000

Developing games for iPhone platform require a lot of investment initially. You can talk to a few reputed developers to get an idea about the game play and ideas. They may be able to provide you with a lower quote if they make use of a ready made source code.