7 reasons why mobile Apps are better than Website


The number of mobile users is greater today than the number of computer user.

As a result, many companies have realized the need to effectually use mobile mediums for captivating customers. They have established new operations via mobile websites and apps. While businesses with fortunes can afford to employ both mobile websites and app, other companies might have to opt for one of them.  The choice between mobile apps and websites rely on their expense, purpose and the audience they serve.

Nevertheless, studies show that users prefer mobile apps more than mobile websites. This makes a valid point to have mobile apps for reaching out to customers.

Additionally, there are many other reasons which make the mobile app better than websites.

Read on, to find out the top 7 reasons why mobile apps are better than websites:

Better Customization

Mobile apps are the best solution that requires regular usage. An application allows users to set preferences, create accounts and keep vital information at hand. On the basis of business, a mobile application is a much better option for targeting an audience and hence building marketing campaigns for different groups of users.

Push Notifications

An inbuilt capability of mobile apps is the ability to send notifications to users who have the app installed in their system. In turn, giving publishers the facility to send messages to the users directly. The facility to send the notification is one of the major reasons why many businesses want to have a mobile app in the first place.

The efficiency of Mobile Features

Through the mobile app, it is very easy to utilize the camera, contact list, phone calls, and more. It will make the user experience interactive and fun. Furthermore, it decreases the efforts users would have to make. The device features can certainly shorten the time users to perform a task in an app and can even boost the conversions.

No connection required

Another noteworthy benefit of using mobile app is the opportunity to use them offline. The reason being the apps are installed on a mobile device, they will keep on providing content and features without an internet connection. App stores the data locally and then have it uploaded once a connection is made.

User-Friendly Experience

Studies have shown that mobile apps are more popular than websites, as they are more users friendly. Mobile apps cater to better user experience, load content faster and are very easy to use. Apps provide user to perform a task better with the help of the gesture. It is very easy to navigate through, unlike the website.


A well-designed application can perform tasks much faster than a website. Apps usually store data locally on mobile devices, due to this reason data is hardly extinct in apps. It helps in saving time by storing their choices and using them on behalf of users there onwards. Websites use javascript code which is why mobile apps can run almost five times than it.

Brand Presence

Mobile usage is much more than on any other devices. So, it can be said that on an average a user spends almost every day on their device’s installed apps. This daily activity is a branding opportunity for apps. Even when a user isn’t using the app is still reminded of the brand associated with the app. The icon of the app acts as a form of brand advertisement which influences the user’s perception about the label subconsciously.

As mobile usage endures to grow worldwide, the phrase ‘app vs. web’ question will remain a real consideration for businesses looking to start a mobile application. Depending upon the requirements of your content, you can make a logical choice for your business. Plenty of companies have both a downloadable app and online web presence to accomplish more specific requirements.

Hiring a dedicated mobile app developer is an affordable way to strive for excellently designed applications that have the potential to become one stop solution for your business.

Top Web Design Companies in London

Website Design Company London

In today’s time, a robust structure is not enough, you need to add beauty to it to attract customers to it.

The same thing goes with your business website.

You know your website development team has worked literally very hard and the website’s structure is so strong that it can easily handle multiple queries at a time without harming any data.

However, if your website’s design is not appealing, you won’t be able to hear excellent reviews of User Experience as it is not at all pleasing their eyes.

Thus, you need a meticulous yet creative Web Design Company to assist you to get that top-notch design for your business website.

In London, there is a hub of companies dealing with website designing, yet you would definitely love to work with the best ones. Here, we have listed some of them:

The Web Design Company, London, UK.

The Green Essex Winner – 2015 and Content Creator Awards Winner 2019 by CV Magazine awarded as the Most Client-Focused Web Design Company, The Web Design Company is rated highly with excellent reviews even on Google.

The company is known for the high skilled services for providing Website Designers in London, Website Design in Southend, Web Shops and even SEO.

They not only help you with your website’s design but also with branding and optimization as well and help your website perform well on mobile as well.

The Web Design Company has a ravishing portfolio available on their website to show you how talented and proficient they are with their work.

Also, they get a 5-star rating on Google and have testimonials from a high number of clients who are just happy with their services and the way they provided them with the future-proof website designs and brand for their businesses.

KD Web Digital Agency

Formed in 1996, KD Web Digital Agency is an aged Web Designing Company who has seen the past, present and the future of the web design.

They help you with an attractive design for your website and always remain available to help you anytime you feel puzzled.

They have an in-house team of highly skilled web designers in London and offer services to clients across the UK.

They help you with valuable services for your business website such as Website Design, SEO, Mobile Web Layouts and App development and Branding of your business and its website.

They are proud assistants of clients such as HCA Hospitals, NHS, Transindus and many others.

The company has highly appreciating reviews on Google with a 5-star rating.

Dsgn One

Formed in 2008, Dsgn One is a full-service Web Design Agency offering you brainstorming, website design services.

The company has been rapidly growing making more and more clients across the country happy and cherishing their requests and delivering the best of their skills.

They offer you the website design for a business website, e-commerce website and various web pages as well.

Ranked 5-star on Google, Dsgn One has a ravishing portfolio to have a look at and will definitely amaze you and prove that they are the one-stop for your business website’s design, branding, and marketing.

They offer you services, not only for Web Design but for Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting and all that of Internet Marketing.

They are a famous Website Design Solutions provider leading in Bath and London.

Companies Web Design

Located in Canary Wharf, London, Companies Web Design is one of the leading market players with its highly skilled services in the Web Design.

This company offers you various services for Web Design, E-Commerce, Website Packages, SEO and Internet Marketing at highly market competitive rates.

The company helps you with all the website solutions that you may need to succeed, not limited to the Website Design.

They provide you with the highest attainable quality at a lightning speed with their team of dedicated website designers and developers to get the end result with great quality.

They value your money and keep your goals at the center of their vision to attain the maximum of the project that you are working on.

Do you have more in your mind?

Having a business website is an inevitable thing in today’s time.

You need to have a business website that is not limiting to its strong functionality and robust backend structure, but you need to have an attracting website design that can quickly catch eyes of the visitors and make them explore more.

If you have a business in the UK, it is very important for you to meet up with the digital standards to compete for head to head with your competitors and in such scenario, you need to have a beautiful website.

Struggling alone is not good and hence, we present you the idea of choosing the best.