Most popular and influential programming language for a Start-up


There is a number of programming languages available and each language has various characteristics, ecosystems, communities, and support. While selecting the right one you need to think about the most suitable language as well the software engineers as both together can make or break the project.

A common question by a lot of non-technical co-founders or founders is what programming language to choose for their startup. Whether you pick PHP,, node.js, etc each has its own pros and cons but in reality, all these languages have made great progress.

Below are some of the top coding languages in the world which you should consider for your startup.



PHP is a great language and one of the earliest languages. It has a lot of open source code which is used by many big companies. You will get tons of tutorials online and other information that you can learn and get it done by yourself if you don’t want to hire a PHP programmer. Systems like WordPress and Magento are made in PHP. It does not come with strict rules which mean you can be creative with the code as per your need.



.NET is mostly used in any applications that are running on Microsoft Windows. It’s closed because it is completely controlled by Microsoft. For a start-up environment, your developer might face some trouble as everything works within Microsoft. It is mainly used by larger businesses and enterprise.



Java is the most popular coding language across the globe. Since 1995, it has been used by many developers. Java is very easy to learn and you can use it on many different applications and devices without worrying about the operating system. With Java, you can get your work done as there is a number of candidates having knowledge and experience in Java programming.



Next is Python, another common and popular programming language. It is the most preferred programming language among the start-ups. It has its own large library and its an independent platform just like Java. There is no better programming language than Python when we talk about scalability. Development does not take much time and you can start your venture with a limited budget.



In recent years, Ruby has become popular for many start-ups as their preferred programming language. Anyone can learn from its comprehensive online education program if they don’t want to hire a new Ruby programmer. Just one thing to watch out that any application running on Ruby will not scale up so well. You may face some scaling issues when there are a large number of requests coming in on the server side.


In Nutshell, no matter what programming language you choose for your start-up, the most important is the knowledge and skill you get from your provider. All programming languages have made great products in history. If your team is familiar with PHP then you should go for PHP. Each language has its own pros and cons just analyze your requirement and take the best from all worlds.

Reputation Management Tips for Software Development Companies


One of the most important assets for any company is its reputation as it can make or break a company. A bad reputation will make you lose customers, sales, employees and partners. So companies need to pay attention to their online reputation – how good (or bad) they look on Google searches.

Below are some of the key tips for building a good reputation for software development companies.

Your Company Name should be optimized with your site

In order to be visible on top of search results, you have to optimize more than one page for your company name and it will also push down negative content about your company that you can’t control. Use your company name in important places such as the HTML title tag and URL especially on pages that describe your company, such as About Us or Contact Us.

Expand Your Web Presence.

Make sure you achieve a place in the top 10 dominance by spreading your site among different platform like social media networks, Facebook Fan pages, related blogs, Twitter, etc. Share guest blogs on relevant websites while allowing your partners and networking connections to do the same on your website for increased website optimization and free exposure.

Reputation Management

Get positive online reviews

A recent study suggests that 67 percent of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. Have a review section on your website where your customer can provide feedback and share their experience. Thank who leave positive reviews as this can be an effective way to turn a consumer into a loyal customer. A positive review can help you fetch more traffic and it will also boost your sales.

At Least Once a Month monitor your search results.

As soon as a new content about you hits the web your Google Alerts you for important keywords. As Google ranking keep changing frequently so keep a track of what you see in an excel file mentioning URL, page title and sentiments (whether it is positive, negative or neutral)

Your Offline Reputation is also important

Your company’s offline reputation will say a lot in the online world as well. Treat your customers and clients well, and encourage those who are happy with you to leave reviews on Yelp. Focus on your reputation in the offline world, and your online reputation will fix itself.

Improve your digital marketing skills

Digital marketing will take your brand to the billions of users in a positive light. Create content and post it on different platforms where your potential customers can see. Inform your users through blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and magazines. Personalized email marketing is another effective way to seek customers’ attention. All of this will project you as someone who takes business seriously and shows care for customers.

Create Attractive content

Rich content is one of the most important for any reputation management strategy. Fresh and engaging content will reflect your brand’s reputation in a positive way. Hence you need to invest in quality content production which will make your company grow reputable.

Get Hold of a Negative Content, Contact Its Creator.

If you come across any negative content then immediately contact the blogger, reviewer or another person who has created the content. Ask if you can do anything to change their sentiment to positive or you can leave a comment to explain your side of the story.  Try to make the situation right.

Network With Other Webmasters

Networking with similar and relevant blogs along with other software-centric companies is another way to vastly improve your online reputation as a software development company. Reach out to webmasters and bloggers who share content that is relevant to your business to request link exchanges. Once you have established connections with other online bloggers and webmasters learn more about guest blogging.

The Bottom Line

We hope that our above tips will help you in understanding the benefits of an online reputation management company. It is extremely important when you want to build a successful software development brand and business. With the right online reputation management company, gain peace of mind while scaling your company and continuously outperforming your top competition. Above all, be realistic about the outcome of your efforts.

Top 8 UI/UX Design Trends for 2019

UX UI Design Trends 2019

2018 was a year when UX has been at the center stage and its importance will continue this year as well. There is a number of trends which are likely to dominate in 2019. Trends are there for a reason. One needs to compel trends and know how to navigate them to get the best result. Now let’s get into the UI/UX design trends that we think are worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

Functional animation

Functional animation is not something new for designers. Nowadays browsers are very much capable to handle animation in the much better way. They are used to bring attention to certain elements and explain the relationships between objects. However, it’s not about flashy elements for enhancing the decoration. Micro-animations have created a huge impact on how people interact with interfaces.

Voice Interface

The demand for voice-enabled devices is rising strongly. Voice-first devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home are quickly becoming a common element of modern houses. As per the recent survey, smart speaker installed base reached 100 million worldwide in 2018. It shows that designers have to give more focus on designing for this new medium which interfaces with both voice and visuals. We have to wait and watch to see the potential of voice UI unraveling in e-commerce and other types of web services.

Oversized headlines

Oversized headlines are used in many websites and mobile app as it has more visual weight on an important message. You have to very clear about spacing and placement of elements because it says a lot about the company. Select a typeface smartly for the process of comprehension. Go for the fonts which are easy to read like sans serif fonts and after selecting one test your layouts on readability.

Deep flat design

Flat design is very unique and it is also capable of exploring further. Today the customer give the response to more life-like objects and it has become possible with the combination of Real 3D and CG. The main reason for adding dimension to flat design is its shadow and light positioning and reflections. Various other assets like overlapping elements, shadows, pattern, and textures create more sense of space and together they all bring products to life.

Video background

Since years videos has successfully attracted more visitors. A well-suited video can really engage more traffic onto your site. Choose a video as a background element as it will work as an integral part of the story or any experience. Make sure you consider all the aspects before implementing background videos. This may reduce down page load time and other accessibility issues. One can easily capture and implement an HD video making it as a background video.

Unique Illustrations

Illustrations are one of a more important tool in designer’s toolbox. They act as visual assets which a user can remember and connect with the product. It’s a perfect way for storytelling. Well crafted illustrations can allow designers to express complex ideas in an easy way with minimum words. Illustrations make understanding of the concept clear and in a glance. Many digital products use them as they are very powerful.

UX Writers

Visual language is a term often used by designers when they discuss graphical user interfaces. It is basically how user and digital products communicate. A lot of company hire “UX Writer” in their product teams who will have to match words and visuals. His Job is to make sure that the text copy creates the best possible experience.  The demand for “UX Writer is increasingly vigorously.

Design Systems

As the project complexity is rising, designers are continually looking for new ways of working.  Designers keeping their strong focus on creating design systems which will a collection of reusable UI elements and patterns. Companies will hire special people who can build design systems.

In Nutshell,

No matter it is 2018 or 2019 or on what device or interface you provide digital experience one thing will always remain constant is the flawless performance. All-time trends will always be more honesty and kindness in the digital frame. Make sure you provide the best user experience in terms of simplicity, usefulness, and respect. Your sincere intent will always speak for your design at its core.

Top Bespoke/Custom Software Development Companies in London UK


Technology now days are an integral part of the business world.  Every field has software developed to it.  Be it accounting field, sales field you name it there is software developed for the same. The United Kingdom is one of the leading software developing countries in the world. Here we give you a list of top ten software development companies in the UK.

1. DSCL Software:

DSCL Software is one of the leading and awarding winning software companies of the UK. They develop and design intellectual, pocket-friendly and intuitive web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps. These apps help streamline business process and help create new revenue streams for SME’s, new ventures and established businesses. They have been in business since 1994 and have become trusted partners with the companies they are associated with.

2. Eleks:

Eleks is one of the renowned software development companies of the UK, having the required expertise in software engineering as well as in consultancy services. They heavily invest in their R&D labs so the customers can take advantage of the updated technology to improve their business and services.

3. Intellectsoft:

With a strong focus on latest technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and others, IntellectSoft is a bespoke custom software development company that strives to work towards innovation. They help businesses across all industry verticals with cutting-edge IT solutions that drive real value to their business. The company has multiple offices and development centers across the globe giving a truly personalized approach to every client and project.

4. Whiz Solutions

Whiz Solutions have certified experts on board controlling every aspect of the software development efficiently. They have the required efficacy to build unique custom made solutions for clients based on their requirements and needs. You can increase the team as per the requirement so that you can run the project easily. From providing solutions in cutting-edge technologies to consulting as well as outsourcing services, Whiz Solutions is the answer for all your software related queries.

5. The software House

The software house was founded in 2012, headquartered at EU. The software house is a web and mobile software developing company. They work with small business and understand their struggles. They use popular and reliable technologies: – PHP (Symfony), – JavaScript (AngularJS, React), – Mobile development (iOS, Android, React Native), – DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, AWS, Google Cloud Storage).

6. Itransition

Itransition is a trusted software development company with 16years of experience. Itransition assists large, medium-size companies and even start-ups, to design, develop their software that aid to their requirements. With more than 1500 and more IT professionals with strong technical skill and business knowledge enable to effectively handle software projects.


BJSS was started in 1993 in the UK. With the team strength of more than 1000 + IT, technical expert professional they are dedicated toward development and delivering the innovative idea to their client and business associates from across UK and USA. The agile approach of BJSS in combination with cost-effective solutions makes its comprehensive portfolio impressive. The company can work smoothly during predictable outcomes in a challenging environment.

8. Qulix Systems

Established in the year 2000, Qulix Systems is leading international software development, testing, and technology Consultancy Company comprising of a team of more than 400+ highly skilled IT professionals. They provide a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions across a number of industry verticals. Qulix Systems tackles the specific requirements of the different customer from small to medium size business.

9. Innovify

Innovify is a London based software company having expertise in developing software for web and mobile. It is a digital product studio for enterprise and starts up which develop software specially designed for the requirement of the client and keep innovating. They have a diverse team of highly talented IT professionals.

10. Softserve

Vigorously competing in the today’s digital economy, Softserve is a leading software service providers offering a wide range of services in different sectors like healthcare, retail, media, financial services, software, and more. It provides end-to-end innovative solutions keeping quality and speed in mind.

Thus we have given a brief on the top ten software companies of the UK. One can select a company best Suited to the companies’ requirements.