The coming wave in IoT, and how it will navigate the future of businesses?


With an upsurge in the internet usage, it seems, as if it is the principal concept of everything in this contemporary era. The most pertinent contribution of the internet to mankind is the invention of the Internet of Things (IoT) which is classified as the ecosystem of all the objects that are connected to the internet.

Though a relatively new concept, IoT is here to stay forever and is fast changing everything particularly in the business realm. Emboldened by its amazing features and incorporation of unique marketing processes, IoT is progressively becoming the new source of capital for enterprises.

The entire world is rapidly migrating to IoT, with almost every industry investing in this new technology and constantly adapting to the fast-paced changes in the way. IoT is more than smart appliances or connected homes, it is swiftly expanding and efficiently shaping the future of the way businesses operate and interact. With everything becoming smart, technology experts call IoT as the ‘Next-gen of the internet’ or ‘Next digital revolution’!

Driving self-learning environment and digital disruption, IoT enables enterprises unlock new values and reinvent their business model along with changes in productivity, operations, costs, improvements and customer experiences. Here are the top four IoT trends that will navigate the future of the businesses in 2018:

  • Digital Twin

digital twin technology

Digital Twin is a trending strategic technology offering assistance with asset management, operational efficiency and insights into how new-age products can be used and how it can be improved. They are the next step in the IoT has driven world reducing operating cost and extending the life of the equipment as well as assets. It is boon in the manufacturing world, helping organizations stay afloat in the digital disruption by adapting the changes and deeply understanding the customer behaviour, preferences, customization, and experiences. The asset management makes it possible to manufacture high-quality products.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and IoT go hand-in-hand by providing scalability, enhancing security, seamless transactions as well as creating efficiencies in the supply chain. Blockchain technology is perfect for transforming the business as it helps to accelerate transactions, reduce costs and helps to build trust between the people and clients that transact together. The transactions in the blockchain are decentralized, automated and are encoded to maintain the enterprise-level privacy. Now improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and adopt new business models to reach goals faster.

key benefits - blockchain for IoT

  • SaaS

Software as a service is creating a buzz in this digital world, rapidly gaining popularity in the business world. A new class of centralized computing methodology enables businesses to amplify their revenue while delivering computing applications ‘in the cloud’ or through cloud computing. SaaS supports any dynamic business model, help them grow, reduce operational costs & change without being tied down due to IT infrastructure limitations or purchased licenses. SaaS has flourished in the recent years offering businesses of all types’ benefits like lowering costs, reducing time, scalable and robust features, and enhanced security. Take advantage of this cloud-based technology which can provide you peace of mind to run your business by being compatible and by saving time, money as well as resources.

  • Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is here from quite some time now, bringing revolution in the way business use their mission-critical data and gain valuable insights out of it. IoT is all about devices, connectivity while Big Data Analytics is like the fuel for the business world. For example, when multiple devices and platforms get connected it gives rise to the humongous amount of data, gaining insights from this unstructured raw data is a challenge for business. This is where Big Data steps in discovering pattern and correlations in real-time to positively impact business.