Difference Between Full Stack vs MEAN Stack

The Full Stack is related to the developer who can develops the server software for both server & client. The MEAN Stack is on the other side. This is framework of JavaScript. MEAN Stack is mainly used for to develop the website.

Why Full Stack?

Full stack developers are used for different users. The full stack developers are significant that the modern data setup has turned completely digitized and there is a need for such developers in various terms. They are also responsible for the designing of the website. The development method implementation of different websites comes into the job role of the full stack developers. All the full stack developers must be aware of certain functions related to the websites. They are customization, deployment, application, and optimization.

Why MEAN Stack?

Mean stack is completely different from the full stack. It is an acronym of a web framework. The core works related to mean stack are Express.JS, AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB. There are a few advantages that one can enjoy while developing an app by the mean stack. The Mean stack gives the app developer with the suitability of code transfer to other frameworks.

Front-End Development

The MEAN stack consists of many options that make it suitable for robust front-end development. AngularJS is a front-end framework, and it enables developers to use HTML syntax Many developers choose MEAN stack for front-end development because of AngularJS.

Back-end Development

MEAN stack enables the developer to use NodeJS for server-side programming. Separately from NodeJS, Express.js also helps in this regard by simplifying back-end development. It’s quite limited, and even with NodeJS and Express.js, it can’t offer as powerful results as popular server-side languages such as PHP and Python.

Difference Between Full Stack and MEAN Stack

Full Stack:

  • Full Stack is not for any web presence. It relates to the developer.
  • A Full-Stack Developer is much professional and well-informed to root out the issue rather than fixing the issues.
  • There is a number of job opportunities for the Full stack developers.

MEAN Stack:

  • MEAN Stack is an open-source and available and free
  • Mean Stack is for the web presentation. It is used in application development mainly.
  • Mean Stack development incorporates the BFS study.
  • The developers can use multiple features of the JavaScript of Mean Stack.
  • MEAN Stack uses a programming language JavaScript and gives the developer team the capability to evolve and update additions as and when needed.

Top Nine Web Design and Development Companies in UK

web development

Today, we are in an era of ever-growing and developing the industry of Web Design and Development. Every company needs unique design and layouts to catch the eye and make an impact on the visitor. Ever since the beginning of web design and development, there have been constant improvements and upgradations to the techniques. To cope up with this never-ending change there are various companies that are doing the hard work to excel in these technologies to deliver quality assistance and product on time. So, in case you are looking out for some of the leading Web Design and development companies in the UK then you are on the right page. You can get a brief idea of how a company works in various directions of Web Design and Development and which company you should choose when you are going to get your work done.

List of the Top Web Design and Development Companies are listed below:

The Web Development Kitchen:

The Web Development Kitchen is a London based firm, keen to work on Web Design and Development is offering a range of services. They have a well-curated team of copywriters, web designers, and developers. The Web Development Kitchen was established in 2005, with a vision of delivering websites that can help create a unique identity for the company. Before beginning the project, this company believes in conducting extensive consultation and after that, they develop a wireframe. This helps the client in understanding how the site is going to look in order to proceed to the work in the right direction from the start and deliver the right product to their client.


Established in 1998, Bianor is a 21-year-old firm that specializes in developing custom and unique software designs. They develop websites for leading media, telecommunication, and technology companies. They have offices in New York and Sofia that employs highly skilled staff for delivering the best quality solutions to help maximize the profits of the clients.

 Whiz Solutions:

Whiz Solution, it is a brand development company, has an extremely talented and well-curated team of high-end graphic designers, web developers, and online marketing specialists that are keen to take the brand of your company to another level. It is known that having an online presence has become one of the key requirements of any company and it helps in bringing the brand name of the company to another level. They believe in making solutions that would help the clients get returns from their investments. This helps in marketing products effectively on an online platform and in turn, makes the company earn profits.

Immersive Media:

Based in Greater London, Immersive Media is one of the UK’s top rated companies in the field of Web Design and SEO. They deliver high quality and eye-catching websites. They work with a wide range of clients and help them support the Websites from launching them to delivering additional support. They have an amazing 20 years of experience in this industry in delivering hundreds of products that are functional, engaging and even e-commerce websites. They complement them with the SEO campaigns that work with your company in an appreciable manner.


Zerozilla in an eCommerce and Web Development company. They provide many services related to software development. They have their own techniques that help them to suit the requirements of their clients and partners. They work for companies of all sizes to help them excel towards their problem by providing them complete solutions. They provide world-class services with the help of their dedicated team of graphic designers, software developers, web designers, and SEO experts. Together, they help deliver the best solutions to the clients by being cost-effective and analyzing requirements.

Lounge Lizard:

Providing the perfect user experience, Lounge Lizard is doing amazing work in this field for the past 21 years. They help design Websites such that they increase the performance of the company by creating high end sales and capturing leads. They make 100% custom designs and never utilize templates. They believe in making the Website deliver the right brand story. Lounge Lizard provides custom designs and thus helps in delivering the finest results possible. They believe in making your competitors wish the website that currently you are having.


Founded in 2012, SumatoSoft specializes in developing challenging projects and complex designs. They work in the field of mobile, web, and Internet of Things sector. They offer full-fledged development of software starting from the basic web design to a fully customized Website. They build on the principles of transparency by collaborating with their clients. As they want to deliver a product that is fully applicable to the needs of their clients.


The utility was established in 2013, they specialize in designing custom mobile and web applications with their innovative partners. They work for startups to Fortune 500 companies and help them lead the digital market. They have a hardworking team of top tier engineers and experienced designers that help them develop world-class product strategies. They are currently working for many companies to provide the best solutions for their products.


Since the middle of the ’90s, the Covent Garden, Londen based company, Amphenol has been delivering one of the best Web Development services. They offer custom Web Design and make them user-friendly while being eye-catching. They are international award winners and believes in performing the best when it comes to their field of excellence. In order to deliver the needs of the client, they perform prior consultation. They welcome feedback from the clients to provide world-class services.

The businesses brand consistency is delivered to the world through its website and the above-listed firms work hard enough to get you the best solution for that. So, your search for the best web designers and developers in the UK can come to an end after getting to this list, thereby letting you reach your customers more effectively and efficiently.

Top Eight Mobile App Development Companies in the UK, 2019

Creativity & Process

In this era of ever-changing mobile technologies, creating apps suitable for all is one of the most creative and difficult tasks. There are companies that have mastered this art and have been working on developing multiple projects at a time.

To make quality applications, these companies require a large pool of talented youth. The professional staff that is well trained in their field build these applications by using the latest technologies and the best digital solutions. So, in case you are looking for the best app developer companies in Edinburgh, London, or anywhere around the UK, then you are on the right page. The amazing part of this is that you can also hire one of these app developer firms in case you need to build up a project. These companies have proved themselves to be one of the best app development companies.

Ever since the beginning, there has been a rapid growth in the gaming industry. Especially, the game app development has become one of the most promising opportunities for various app developer companies. Don’t worry, our list covers them too! So, here we are presenting you the list of the 7 greatest app developer companies in 2019.

  1. Intelivita:

Website: https://www.intelivita.co.uk/

Email: sales@intelivita.co.uk

Phone: +44 7783972793

Services: Game Development, Mobile App Development, Virtual Reality App Development, Augmented Reality App Development

Founded in 2014, Intelvita is one of the leading mobile app development company, it has its operating offices in the UK. It provides the scalable application development service worldwide in an interactive and concept-driven manner. Until today, it has been successful in delivering over a hundred projects, their range of services includes app and web development, games for mobile phones, augmented and virtual reality. Their success is accounted to their expert team and hard work.

Pocket App:

Website: https://www.pocketapp.co.uk/

Email: contact@pocketapp.co.uk

Phone: +44 20 7183 4388

Services: Web Design, Web Development, Pre Design Services, Mobile App Development

Pocket App was founded in 2010, it is an independent mobile UI & UX category. Having completed over 250 successful projects, they are ruling the application industry for five years with their award-winning projects. They are doing continuous releases to deliver full visibility of any ongoing project. So, with the end of each sprint, they give an opportunity to the client to provide feedback from time to time. This approach has been appreciated by their clients as well.


Website: https://zudu.co.uk/

Email: contact@zudu.co.uk

Phone: 01382690080

Services: Ideation and Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, Mobile App Design and Development

Founded in 2014, Zudu is a digital agency that is pioneering in its field of products. It is based in Dundee, Scotland and they flair for conceptualization and development. Their skills passes across the fields of User Experience Design, Development of Technical Apps and Websites, and many more. They work with many clients globally to provide cutting edge solutions and designs by focusing on the best digital strategies.

Whiz Solutions

Website: http://whizstaging.xyz/

Email: info@whizsolutions.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 333 011 9372

Services: Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Development, Mobile App Design and Development

Started back in 2008, Whiz is an ISO 27001:2013 certified web and IT development company that is renowned for creating innovative and efficiency-oriented solutions, tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

21Twelwe Interactive:

Website: https://www.21twelveinteractive.com/

Email: info@21twelveinteractive.com

Phone: +1 (347) 374-0020

Services: Mobile App Development, PHP development, WordPress development, Web development, eCommerce Development, Android App Development, Magento Development, iPhone App Development

21Twelve Interactive, founded in 2016, is an innovative company that develops smart and innovative strategies to provide world-class services. It provides consulting services in various fields like project management, testing, development, integration, and design. They help in transforming businesses by using location-based technologies and mobile applications.


Website: https://www.intellectsoft.co.uk/

Email: info@intellectsoft.net

Phone: +44 20 3887 0078

Services: Quality Assurance, Software Development, App Designing (UI/UX), Mobile App Development.

Intellectsoft was founded in 2007, it is a boutique digital transformation consultancy. The company’s headquarters are in Palo Alto, California. Being in the list of Fortune 500 companies, the company masters in providing next-generation solutions to make it easy to adopt new technologies, reduce issues due to the complexity of the evolving digital market. It has five dedicated labs to maintain its expertise, these are Premier Customer Expertise (CX), Internet of Things (IoT), Mixed Reality (VR, AR), Cognitive Computing, and Decentralized Applications (using BlockChain).

Borne Digital:

Website: https://borneagency.com/

Email: info@borneagency.com

Phone: +44 020 7112 8645

Services: UI/UX Design Services, Mobile App Development, Web Development

Founded in 2013, Bourne Digital is a leading mobile app development firm, they specialize in applications made for iOS and Android handsets. They are good at Web development too. They help in defining roadmaps and approaches to businesses and brands. Through extensive research and testing done by users, they help in delivering solutions for real-world projects, enabling the clients to approach their product in the best manner.

The Distance:

Website: https://www.thedistance.co.uk/

Email: hello@thedistance.co.uk

Phone: +441904217171

Services: App Consultancy, App Design, iOS development, Android Development

The distance was founded in 2009, it has been developing mobile apps since the launch of the first-ever iPhone, their extensive portfolio of brands includes household names and well as the famous firms, their list speaks for them. To ensure complete client satisfaction, they put efforts in every stage of the work process thereby ensuring client satisfaction.

This list of UK app developers is based on research. It is not in order of preference, it is just giving the idea of the availability of these firms in the field of work that we think you might require to know. We hope that the list helps you out in selecting the best company that can provide you with your required solutions. The world is changing and the requirements of different kinds of applications have always resulted in the growth of this industry. This does give an idea as to how things might change and the current best does not be the same in the future. However, currently, this list will help you out in reaching the current best firms.

How Can We Choose a Technology Stack For Web Application Development


For what reason would we like to discuss choosing the technology stack? For the customers, the primary concern is that the application performs accurately, and the decision of technology is the developers’ the same old thing. That is valid, yet the technology legitimately influences the application execution. The inverse is also correct – the sort of application impacts the technology determination.

This is the reason we’ve chosen to share our perspectives on selecting the technology stack for web application development and the criteria we use all the while. Another angle that we might want to call attention to is the impact of the technology stack on the project cost. A few tools are open-source and allowed to utilize, while others are authorized. The cost factor, together with the presentation, ought to be viewed as when choosing the technology.

What is the technology stack?

The technology stack is a lot of tools and systems that are utilized in the development of a product item. In web development, the technology stack comprises of an unmistakable arrangement of parts that work together to make a working web application.

How about we start with the two crucial pieces of a technology stack: the front-end and the back-end. They are also called the customer side and server-side. Every one of the two sections performs explicit capacities and incorporates a comparing set of tools.

Front-end, or customer side

The front-end parts empower the client’s association with the application. With regards to web applications, such communication happens in the program and is conceivable gratitude to the accompanying segments:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) characterizing the structure of the data introduced in the program
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) deciding the style of the application content (hues, text styles, and formats)
  • JavaScript empowering the intuitiveness of the web page in which the application is running.

Most of the web applications are worked with Bootstrap as the structure for HTML and CSS. It is viewed as the most extensive library with an excellent client base and a large number of stars on GitHub. While Bootstrap is the most popular system, it isn’t the just one available. As an option, you can also think about Foundation, which is the second-most utilized after Bootstrap and shows excellent execution.

The segment of JavaScript parts is a field of the primary challenge of front-end systems, the pioneers being Angular and React. Both are known for their superior and adaptability, and both have vast multitudes of supporters and donors. Besides, the two perform similarly well paying little heed to the tools utilized on the back-end.

While these two systems still rule the market of front-end development, developers are thinking about Vue.js as the elective increasingly more frequently. Vue.js wins on its lightweight structure and flexibility.

Back-end or server-side

 The back-end some portion of the development stack incorporates more segments, and there are a lot more alternatives to choose from here. Back-end works off camera and is undetectable to clients; however, it frames the motor that drives the application and actualizes its business rationale. All back-end tech stacks incorporate the accompanying primary parts:

  • An operating system in which the development is finished
  • Web server handling demands from the program and restoring the relating content.
  • Database putting away the application information
  • The programming language used to make the application code.

Web development system for quicker and simpler development. The web system straightforwardly depends on the decision of the programming language.

Here we should take note of that when choosing the privilege back-end technology, and you don’t generally need to choose every segment independently. There are now a few back-end stacks where the segments have demonstrated to shape the ideal development condition. How about we see the most popular technology stack precedents that web developers use:

Light representing Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL (database), PHP (programming language). Light is considered the most popular back-end stack and is refreshing for its adaptability, security, and great customization choices. While most developers lean toward Linux as the operating system, a similar stack can be utilized with Windows or Mac OS without giving up the development quality.

Python-Django is dependent on the Python programming language. It also utilizes the Apache web server and MySQL database, just as the Django system, which is also written in Python. Developers love this stack for the likelihood of rapid development, keeping the abnormal state of value. Numerous projects settle on Python-Django when making their MVPs and other time-basic items.

MERN incorporates MongoDB, Express, React/Redux, and Node.js. Considering the popularity of ReactJS in front-end development and NodeJS in back-end development, this mix is sensibly called the most-utilized JavaScript stack for structure top of the line single-page applications. Aside from the “one programming language overall levels” advantage, MERN also offers a low expectation to absorb information, high profitability, and upgraded spryness.

Cost of development

Most of the web development tools and systems are open-source and can be utilized for nothing. Their licenses permit free and unhindered use and change, which makes excellent conceivable outcomes for their development and upkeep.

As indicated by the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018, among the languages that are the most regularly utilized in web development, Ruby developers have the most astounding pay rates, with PHP far beneath. A similar examination, however, shows that the overall number of Ruby developers is much lower than the quantity of those working with JavaScript or Python.

Fruitful technology stacks

 While each project is unique and has various necessities, breaking down the advances utilized in the production of fruitful projects may better comprehend the benefits of each instrument that was picked. We should take a gander at the stacks that are at the center of some popular web applications that have demonstrated their presentation.

  • Facebook – an informal organization
  • eBay – a worldwide commercial center
  • Slack – a coordinated effort device
  • Coursera – an internet learning stage

The technology stack for your project ought to get from the particulars of your project. We can assist you with that on the off chance that you share with us your web application thought and your desires from it. Reveal to us what you need to accomplish, and our tech specialists will readily propose the best tools to make it genuine.

Reputation Management Tips for Software Development Companies


One of the most important assets for any company is its reputation as it can make or break a company. A bad reputation will make you lose customers, sales, employees and partners. So companies need to pay attention to their online reputation – how good (or bad) they look on Google searches.

Below are some of the key tips for building a good reputation for software development companies.

Your Company Name should be optimized with your site

In order to be visible on top of search results, you have to optimize more than one page for your company name and it will also push down negative content about your company that you can’t control. Use your company name in important places such as the HTML title tag and URL especially on pages that describe your company, such as About Us or Contact Us.

Expand Your Web Presence.

Make sure you achieve a place in the top 10 dominance by spreading your site among different platform like social media networks, Facebook Fan pages, related blogs, Twitter, etc. Share guest blogs on relevant websites while allowing your partners and networking connections to do the same on your website for increased website optimization and free exposure.

Reputation Management

Get positive online reviews

A recent study suggests that 67 percent of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. Have a review section on your website where your customer can provide feedback and share their experience. Thank who leave positive reviews as this can be an effective way to turn a consumer into a loyal customer. A positive review can help you fetch more traffic and it will also boost your sales.

At Least Once a Month monitor your search results.

As soon as a new content about you hits the web your Google Alerts you for important keywords. As Google ranking keep changing frequently so keep a track of what you see in an excel file mentioning URL, page title and sentiments (whether it is positive, negative or neutral)

Your Offline Reputation is also important

Your company’s offline reputation will say a lot in the online world as well. Treat your customers and clients well, and encourage those who are happy with you to leave reviews on Yelp. Focus on your reputation in the offline world, and your online reputation will fix itself.

Improve your digital marketing skills

Digital marketing will take your brand to the billions of users in a positive light. Create content and post it on different platforms where your potential customers can see. Inform your users through blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and magazines. Personalized email marketing is another effective way to seek customers’ attention. All of this will project you as someone who takes business seriously and shows care for customers.

Create Attractive content

Rich content is one of the most important for any reputation management strategy. Fresh and engaging content will reflect your brand’s reputation in a positive way. Hence you need to invest in quality content production which will make your company grow reputable.

Get Hold of a Negative Content, Contact Its Creator.

If you come across any negative content then immediately contact the blogger, reviewer or another person who has created the content. Ask if you can do anything to change their sentiment to positive or you can leave a comment to explain your side of the story.  Try to make the situation right.

Network With Other Webmasters

Networking with similar and relevant blogs along with other software-centric companies is another way to vastly improve your online reputation as a software development company. Reach out to webmasters and bloggers who share content that is relevant to your business to request link exchanges. Once you have established connections with other online bloggers and webmasters learn more about guest blogging.

The Bottom Line

We hope that our above tips will help you in understanding the benefits of an online reputation management company. It is extremely important when you want to build a successful software development brand and business. With the right online reputation management company, gain peace of mind while scaling your company and continuously outperforming your top competition. Above all, be realistic about the outcome of your efforts.

Top Bespoke/Custom Software Development Companies in London UK


Technology now days are an integral part of the business world.  Every field has software developed to it.  Be it accounting field, sales field you name it there is software developed for the same. The United Kingdom is one of the leading software developing countries in the world. Here we give you a list of top ten software development companies in the UK.

1. DSCL Software:

DSCL Software is one of the leading and awarding winning software companies of the UK. They develop and design intellectual, pocket-friendly and intuitive web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps. These apps help streamline business process and help create new revenue streams for SME’s, new ventures and established businesses. They have been in business since 1994 and have become trusted partners with the companies they are associated with.

2. Eleks:

Eleks is one of the renowned software development companies of the UK, having the required expertise in software engineering as well as in consultancy services. They heavily invest in their R&D labs so the customers can take advantage of the updated technology to improve their business and services.

3. Intellectsoft:

With a strong focus on latest technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and others, IntellectSoft is a bespoke custom software development company that strives to work towards innovation. They help businesses across all industry verticals with cutting-edge IT solutions that drive real value to their business. The company has multiple offices and development centers across the globe giving a truly personalized approach to every client and project.

4. Whiz Solutions

Whiz Solutions have certified experts on board controlling every aspect of the software development efficiently. They have the required efficacy to build unique custom made solutions for clients based on their requirements and needs. You can increase the team as per the requirement so that you can run the project easily. From providing solutions in cutting-edge technologies to consulting as well as outsourcing services, Whiz Solutions is the answer for all your software related queries.

5. The software House

The software house was founded in 2012, headquartered at EU. The software house is a web and mobile software developing company. They work with small business and understand their struggles. They use popular and reliable technologies: – PHP (Symfony), – JavaScript (AngularJS, React), – Mobile development (iOS, Android, React Native), – DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, AWS, Google Cloud Storage).

6. Itransition

Itransition is a trusted software development company with 16years of experience. Itransition assists large, medium-size companies and even start-ups, to design, develop their software that aid to their requirements. With more than 1500 and more IT professionals with strong technical skill and business knowledge enable to effectively handle software projects.


BJSS was started in 1993 in the UK. With the team strength of more than 1000 + IT, technical expert professional they are dedicated toward development and delivering the innovative idea to their client and business associates from across UK and USA. The agile approach of BJSS in combination with cost-effective solutions makes its comprehensive portfolio impressive. The company can work smoothly during predictable outcomes in a challenging environment.

8. Qulix Systems

Established in the year 2000, Qulix Systems is leading international software development, testing, and technology Consultancy Company comprising of a team of more than 400+ highly skilled IT professionals. They provide a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions across a number of industry verticals. Qulix Systems tackles the specific requirements of the different customer from small to medium size business.

9. Innovify

Innovify is a London based software company having expertise in developing software for web and mobile. It is a digital product studio for enterprise and starts up which develop software specially designed for the requirement of the client and keep innovating. They have a diverse team of highly talented IT professionals.

10. Softserve

Vigorously competing in the today’s digital economy, Softserve is a leading software service providers offering a wide range of services in different sectors like healthcare, retail, media, financial services, software, and more. It provides end-to-end innovative solutions keeping quality and speed in mind.

Thus we have given a brief on the top ten software companies of the UK. One can select a company best Suited to the companies’ requirements.

Tips for choosing the right web development agency for your business

Web Development Agency

To find the best web agency can be taxing, whether you have just started a business online or have an established one but looking to re-brand your position in the market. Today all over the digital space you will see a lot of website agencies and choosing that one agency which delivers you with just the perfect solution can be a daunting and confusing task. Often, making a hasty decision on the web agency can land you in a soup, causing you to not only lose money but also your time and effort.

When it’s about your expectations, remember that you need to be practical. In advance, you need to plan everything or find someone to do the web design process for you. If you don’t know much about web design and development then consult a professional. An interactive web design agency will help you create a website according to your needs.

Below are some simple 5 tips to choose the best web design & development company in London.

Check testimonials

You may check the testimonials of the past clients of the company and can inquire about the work and services they usually offer because testimonials do tell you about the performance and services of the agency.

Set your budget

You should know your needs and your budget (especially if it is limited). Never go for an agency which offers outdated design for a lower price but look for one that will give you a reasonable and an adequate solution comprised of quality and good pricing which means that if you have a limited budget, it should not harm the end-result. The best thing about web design is that it can always be updated – and redesigned so when your business and budget grow, you will be able to make things bigger on your site as well.

Effective communication:

Whoever or whichever individual or organization you choose to get your web project delivered, make sure that they are interested in communication where you can openly express your ideas. Also, find if they have local knowledge which is essential for your project and business to flourish. They should have a clear picture of who your audience is and what kind of an online strategy can help you reach them which needs to be incorporated into the web design.

Portfolio as a measurement of success

A portfolio describes a design company’s orientation very clearly. It gives you a clear picture of whether they consider design, big, complex systems, and development, or if their services are complete or not. So, make sure you find an agency with a solid portfolio, whose clients are renowned and whose work is done having in mind the client’s needs.

Content is king

While picking a web design agency for your business, so pay attention that the agency values content over everything else. You will know you are in the right place if the agency spends time getting to understand the kind of content you want on your website. A good web agency will value content first and exhibit how this content would leverage the design for a great website to be built and help you not only form an amazing website but reach your SEO goals as well.

Final Words

We hope these tips will help you on your way to choosing the right web development company. Make sure to have a good idea of what you want in mind, do your research and consider whether you want more services from the same organization. The most important aspect to keep in mind is that your website will represent your brand and tell your story. So, make sure that you are going for a web design agency that understands you and your business and deliver great results. Try and always approach a win-win situation for both you and the agency in any discussion or negotiation. The benefit will always be visible in your project.

We are ready to be your digital partner on your way to success. Leave us an inquiry or ask a Whiz expert to know how we can help! Get in Touch with Whiz Solutions info@whizsolutions.co.uk for any assistance.

Advantages of using MVC framework for web development

MVC .Net Development

Software development has undergone many changes over the years. Out of these many changes, MVC is considered the biggest of all. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It is used for implementing a user interface on computers. MVC is a supportive architecture that works irrespective of what language you use for development. MVC Development Company in UK, consider MVC as the powerful framework for developing web applications. The core of the application is represented as Model, whereas the view displays and the controller handles the input. The MVC separation helps one to manage complex applications because one can focus on one aspect at a time.

With the launch of every new version, MVC Developers in London are becoming far more productive and helping develop solutions that are more effective.

Advantages of MVC framework

Saves Time and effective use of resources

Due to the separation of components MVC allows the re-use of business logic across platforms. In addition, multiple user interface can be developed in line without concerning the codebase. Two different programmers can work simultaneously on two different business logic. This makes the work faster, saves time, and helps in to manage the resources effectively.

Facilitates multiple views

Due to the advantage of working on separate data and different business logic, duplication of code is certainly less. The separation of view model enables the user interface to display multiple views of the same data at the same time.

The modification does not affect the entire model

Change is part of life when it comes to web application development changes become a part of the ongoing development process. When it comes to the user interface that chances are frequent may it be a change of colour, fonts or layouts. MVC makes it easy to change the view, as it’s not interdependent. In addition, UI updating can be made without slowing down the business logic process.

SEO Friendly Platform

Web development and SEO go hand in hand. MVC platform supports the development of SEO friendly applications. It provides ease to develop SEO friendly URL’s in order to generate more visits on a specifies page.

MVC is the talk of the IT industry at this moment of time. Thus, MVC design pattern is a surely the great approach towards developing applications. MVC Development Company in UK facilitates development with a lot of time-saving, resources and less expensive in comparison to others. The power of managing different views makes MVC stand apart as the best platform for developing web applications.

Looking at the advantages many organizations are positively thinking to develop web application on MVC architecture.

Top 5 Server-Side Frameworks for Businesses & Developers

Server Side Frameworks

With web and application development being one of the fastest growing domains across the technological front, server-side frameworks get introduced and renovated every now and then. As a business as well as a developer, it is often confusing which framework is secure and stable enough for your system development.

You could be looking for custom flexibility of Ruby, or inventiveness of Javascript, or the fallback comfort of PHP – but how do you decide on a specific framework to lead your digital front? We have gathered our top five frameworks to help you figure this out!


Extremely widely used, Django is a full stack web development framework based in Python. It is free and open source, resulting in quick updates by its community of developers on frequent basis. It is also well suited for complex web development, taking care of the hassles while you can sit back and focus only on the important details. It also has excellent documentation, a point of note which used to set it apart.

It employs MVC architecture and thus, is a great supporter for flexibility and scalability for websites built on it. Quite a few websites famous among users have found their way to Django, namely, Instagram (for behind-the-scenes utilities), Pinterest and The Washington Post.


A leading open source PHP framework for custom web development, Laravel was first introduced back in 2011 as an advanced alternative to CodeIgniter. It is built on the MVC architectural pattern as well, thus bringing in immense stability for ever-expanding systems. It also features in-built support for authentication, security and multiple relational databases.

With its extremely easy integration with third-party tools, libraries and applications, Laravel took no time in becoming many developers’ favourite web development framework. Some popular sites such as Vimeo, E-DB and Paperwork use Laravel for development on a regular basis.

Ruby on Rails

A super-flexible web development framework, Ruby on Rails is built on the Ruby programming language, lending the framework its famous terseness and consistency. It’s a very popular framework among startups owing to its cost-effective development as well as ease of understanding and implementation. It also is based on the RESTful application design, making way for logical structures inside applications for a more user-friendly approach.

Ruby on Rails is supported by a huge community that is both, supportive and endlessly collaborative, encouraging a fast-paced growth. With security features inbuilt in the framework, it ends up being the first choice of beginners in web development around the world! AirBnB, Github, SlideShare, Yellow Pages and Basecamp are some of the major players on Rails.

back ends Framework

Express JS

Express is that framework which can allow you to build entire sites on Javascript, taking advantage of its powerful capabilities. It is a web application framework that is built on Node JS and has been released as a free open source software under the MIT license. It is the first and foremost introduction to server-side JS coding, giving the developers a free hand to perform asynchronous I/O operations through Event Looping.

And wait for it… the best part about Express JS is the combination of AngularJS for a mindblowing front end, while Express takes care of backend worries! Extensive websites use Express JS for their backend, such as Uber, Linkedin, Netflix, MySpace and more.


Based on PHP, Zend is a powerful object-oriented framework that gives unparalleled scalability, cost-effectiveness and security to enterprise applications. It supports the MVC architecture as well as tons of custom-made libraries for fast coding opportunities. It also is highly error tolerant, paving the way for customisation to the tee for bigger applications that call for a lot of support.

Given how flexible Zend is, it becomes a developer’s favourite comfort zone very soon once they start working with the framework. It also allows for easy prototyping and comprehensive flexibility across the system. For example, everything on Magento is basically using the Zend framework! Now isn’t that something?

In conclusion, all of these frameworks have something fantastic to offer, and most developers get along just fine with the extensive support from their respective communities. So then, which one do you think is most compatible for your purposes?

Do keep in mind that it will depend on your application requirements, developer skills as well as budgets while choosing to go ahead with one of them! Also, regular and updated community support is a must too for a fast-paced development environment and enhanced growth.