7 reasons why mobile Apps are better than Website


The number of mobile users is greater today than the number of computer user.

As a result, many companies have realized the need to effectually use mobile mediums for captivating customers. They have established new operations via mobile websites and apps. While businesses with fortunes can afford to employ both mobile websites and app, other companies might have to opt for one of them.  The choice between mobile apps and websites rely on their expense, purpose and the audience they serve.

Nevertheless, studies show that users prefer mobile apps more than mobile websites. This makes a valid point to have mobile apps for reaching out to customers.

Additionally, there are many other reasons which make the mobile app better than websites.

Read on, to find out the top 7 reasons why mobile apps are better than websites:

Better Customization

Mobile apps are the best solution that requires regular usage. An application allows users to set preferences, create accounts and keep vital information at hand. On the basis of business, a mobile application is a much better option for targeting an audience and hence building marketing campaigns for different groups of users.

Push Notifications

An inbuilt capability of mobile apps is the ability to send notifications to users who have the app installed in their system. In turn, giving publishers the facility to send messages to the users directly. The facility to send the notification is one of the major reasons why many businesses want to have a mobile app in the first place.

The efficiency of Mobile Features

Through the mobile app, it is very easy to utilize the camera, contact list, phone calls, and more. It will make the user experience interactive and fun. Furthermore, it decreases the efforts users would have to make. The device features can certainly shorten the time users to perform a task in an app and can even boost the conversions.

No connection required

Another noteworthy benefit of using mobile app is the opportunity to use them offline. The reason being the apps are installed on a mobile device, they will keep on providing content and features without an internet connection. App stores the data locally and then have it uploaded once a connection is made.

User-Friendly Experience

Studies have shown that mobile apps are more popular than websites, as they are more users friendly. Mobile apps cater to better user experience, load content faster and are very easy to use. Apps provide user to perform a task better with the help of the gesture. It is very easy to navigate through, unlike the website.


A well-designed application can perform tasks much faster than a website. Apps usually store data locally on mobile devices, due to this reason data is hardly extinct in apps. It helps in saving time by storing their choices and using them on behalf of users there onwards. Websites use javascript code which is why mobile apps can run almost five times than it.

Brand Presence

Mobile usage is much more than on any other devices. So, it can be said that on an average a user spends almost every day on their device’s installed apps. This daily activity is a branding opportunity for apps. Even when a user isn’t using the app is still reminded of the brand associated with the app. The icon of the app acts as a form of brand advertisement which influences the user’s perception about the label subconsciously.

As mobile usage endures to grow worldwide, the phrase ‘app vs. web’ question will remain a real consideration for businesses looking to start a mobile application. Depending upon the requirements of your content, you can make a logical choice for your business. Plenty of companies have both a downloadable app and online web presence to accomplish more specific requirements.

Hiring a dedicated mobile app developer is an affordable way to strive for excellently designed applications that have the potential to become one stop solution for your business.

Top 10 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile Apps Promotion

More than 3 million Android apps in the Google Play Store and 2.5 million apps in the Apple App Store make the app market furious than ever. According to the latest reports, hundreds of apps get submitted to these app stores every week. This makes the mobile app industry most competitive than ever. With the sudden boom of the technology and evolution of Smartphone’s, mobile apps have become a requisite need of every business. However, having an app and making it available to the targeted users is different.

To generate revenue and get your app in the top downloads rank you need to make your visible in the app stores. This is why an effective app promotion is necessary to make sure that your app reaches to targeted users to get you higher revenue.

Here are the top 10 ways you can promote your mobile app

1. Pre-launch Marketing

This is the most underestimated way of promoting among the app owners. Most of the people first try to get their app developed, get it ready and start promoting just after the launch. However, you can’t expect the users to download or use something they never heard about before. SO, to make sure that the potential users must be aware of your app you need lay down some marketing platform for the app. Do some pre-launch marketing activities like creating a social buzz, advertising, running ads or promoting your app’s motto. This will make these users interesting as well as curious to know what you are going to offer eventually.

2. Try Early Access

The early access program on the app stores is the most effective way of app promotions. Ask the users to try your app for free in the early development stage and give their reviews to make it perfect. This will help your app to get promoted with word of mouth. Besides, the promotion you will also get the honest reviews and expectation of the users to make your app flawless before the final launch.

3. App Store Optimization

Similar to SEO, the mobile apps also have ASO which helps the apps to get higher ranking the app stores. With the perfect ASO tactics, you can get your app higher in the app searches and drive more users towards. Moreover, the apps suggested by the app stores organically are mostly preferred by the users. Under ASO you can target the right keywords, choose the right name, screenshots, and description to get the maximum attention.

4. Reviews and Ratings

The app reviews and ratings on the app stores are more important than you think. According to the surveys and reports, 90% of the users go through the user reviews and look for the ratings before downloading an app. So, you need to make sure that your app reviews are good and ratings are higher. However, you may get bad reviews sometimes but don’t panics just try to revert on it as soon as possible and fix the user issue immediately that will help you in gaining the user’s trust and loyalty.

5. Mobile Advertising agencies

If you have a budget for advertisement, then you should get your app advertised to garner maximum traffic. Honestly, in the contemporary situation, it is almost impossible for a new app to get instant attention of the users. So, you need to invest a little money to get more money in this market. However, make sure that you are going for the right marketing agency before paying them.

6. Social Media

After the advertising advice, I want to give a promotion Idea that could get a million downloads without spending a penny if implemented successfully. Social media is capable of making your app a store overnight. You need to make sure that app owns a place on every social media platform to make a bold presence. Start posting about app features and what you think your targeted users would love to try. The social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest could give a reach to millions of potential users.

7. Social Media Sharing button

Having a social media presence is one thing but providing the option to share it with others over these platforms is something everyone likes. You need to makes sure that your app has the buttons for sharing it over social media. You can also add the social media sharing button to share the content of your website depending upon the features and functionalities.

8. Get Influencers

In today’s digital world where everyone has connected through the Internet, people believe someone they are following. So, you need to pick the right influencers having a strong presence over the Internet. Ask the influencers to promote your app to their followers so you can get a bigger exposure.

9. Get reviewed by big websites

Getting the users trust is the key to make a per ant place on their smartphones which can be done with the help of big websites. Contact the popular websites of your industry to review your app and post it on their portal. With a genuine and good review, you will be able to acquire a huge user acquisition for your app.

10. A Beautiful Website

A loyal user will definitely go through the website of the app to make sure about the authenticity of the provider. You must have a beautiful and user- website of your app displaying all the required information to the users. Besides, with the help of a website, you can also promote yours over different websites and search engines.

(Guide to Building Your Own Mobile App For The Business Success)

Guide to building your own mobile app for the business success


Mobile has almost replaced a desktop. More and more people use a mobile phone and the growth is constant. Today there is an app for everything such as health, finance, news, books, etc. App provides a seamless and smooth user experience. It’s a competitive world, building an app will be an advantage to your business. A good build app can exponentially help your business in many ways like;

  • The app can boost your sales and introduce a new revenue stream.
  • It can build up engagement and community for your target audience by providing a resource.
  • Employee communication gets better by being a core internal app for your business.
  • Your brand awareness gets increased and also enhances the mobile marketing strategy.

Let’s take a view on below steps of creating a mobile app.

Step 1: Set a Goal.

The very first step is to pen down everything you want to accomplish. Ask yourself a few questions like.

  • What exactly your app will do?
  • How the user will find it appealing?
  • What problem is it going to solve?
  • How will it simplify life for people?
  • How will you market your app?

If you want to survive in this competitive world then you should give a well defined and clearly set goal. A vision is very important for you and for anyone you employ to work for you. Hence have a clear picture of what you want to be done.

Step 2: Sketch your Ideas.

Before you turn on the computer you need to use the pen and paper that has answers to the questions about the purpose of your app to develop. In this step, you have to create visual representations of your thoughts.  You need to decide what are you going to give your app away and offer ads to generate money or you will offer it as a paid download. You can also opt for in-app purchases, therefore; sketch your ideas properly so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Step 3: Competition — Positioning your app for success

You need to analyze your competition to kick off your project and make your own space. There are thousands of apps available in every category hence you have to study your market well as it will help you in building your app. you can examine your competitive apps on the basis of a number of installs, company history, star rating, and reviews.

(How to Choose Best Mobile App Development Company In London)

Step 4: Know your Target Audience

For creating a successful app, you have to define a specific target demographic that you will cater to. Some useful metrics are age, gender, location, hobbies, etc. (to name a few).  You can market your product to a wide range of people if you know your right audience.

Step 5: Define Back End of Your App

Next, you need to define your servers, APIs and data diagrams. If you don’t know much about technical jargon then you should probably use a service which provides hosting and also collect data that you can use in your app. no matter whichever platform you use to develop your app, it is important that you create clear diagrams as these diagrams will provide directions for everyone working on your app.

Step 6: Check Your Model

At this phase, you need an honest opinion so show your demo to family, friends and anyone else who will give you constructive criticism. Keep your target users in mind and try to follow their thinking like what exactly they want in your app. By the end of this step, the structure and foundation of your app should be finalized. To avoid any kind of hassle later in the process plan out the structure before you start designing.

Step 7: Put design first.

Now you need to hire designers to create your UI (User Interface). For any app, UI is very important to attract people. People will attract to your app if it looks good and if they find it easy to navigate. Make sure that your graphic designer gets high resolutions skins and appealing screens. Even during the design process keep feedback in mind which you got from the testers.

Step 8: Test Your Wireframes

Now, its time to test your app’s flow and user experience.  You need to compare your screen flow with user’s expectations. You can use a tool like Invision in order to make your wireframe interactive. With this tool, you will be able to connect screens and link actions to check the actual experience of your app.

Step 9: Test Your App, AGAIN.

In this step, you will have to test both a functioning app as well as a user interface. By now all the screens of your app should properly work and it should be visually appealing as well. You need to test your app number of times to assure that both the look and the feel of the app meet your expectations.

Step 10: Modify and Adjust

Now that you have seen your app in it’s fully functioning form you exactly know a few tweaks you have to make. You can ask some people to examine your app who viewed your app in its development phase. Make sure you ask your developer and your designer to make necessary changes that you feel would be valuable to your app.

Step 11: Beta Testing

Till now you have seen your app through several different lenses and you have managed to develop a smoothly functioning, problem-solving and aesthetically pleasing app. put your app in a live environment such as Android and iOS to see its functioning.  Beta testing will invite testers to review your app before taking it live.

Step 12: Release Your App

Great! You have made it to the finish line. Now share your app with the world. Hopefully, your app has no minor or major issues. You can add your app in the Android and iOS store. Android will instantly sell your app in the Google Play store where iOS will review your app first and then it can go live.

We hope our guidelines will help you in building your app in the most effective way. Now it’s time for you to start creating a great app which boosts your sales and generates more revenue.

5 Tips to choose the best mobile app developer for your business in London

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is currently on a surge with more organizations finding it to be an important tool to market their business, earn income, and enhance customer experience. Any company without mobile applications will sooner or later lose out an opportunity to engage with the customers as mobile apps are the smartest means for businesses to reach out customers even on-the-go. However, you need high-profiled mobile app developers who have the ability to uncover stunning applications innovatively with quick turnaround time.

When you are sure that you want to build a mobile app, you will probably search online for the best options and find an extensive list. But how do you choose?

Well, we have shared below some tips to help you in identifying the best app developer with an innovative approach and futuristic thinking with ease.

Reconsider the portfolio

This will give you a basic idea about the person or the potential partner and their expertise in the particular industry. You can ask them where to find the samples of their work and then see how their finished products look. You can also ask them to explain more about these products and hence understand their true contribution to those particular projects.

Check out their apps and experience

You must know about other apps the company has built. Do they really have a lot of experience? Download them and click around. Does it work fine? Does the design make sense? Do you like it? By “kicking the tires,” so to speak, by doing so you can get a sense of their style. If you later pick that mobile app company, you can use their previous work as examples for features you like or dislike.

Read customer portfolio

Another interesting tip can guide you in the process of selecting the best mobile app developer is the customer portfolio. Have a look at the past and previous clients and projects of the app developer. In the process of differentiating the best app developer with the worst ones, you can plan to hire. Professional Android or iOS app developers will have the customer portfolios and are always ready to share it with when asked. Make sure you pick developers who can enhance your business massively.

 Niche specializations

We all know that industries like logistics and healthcare demand an effective approach for mobile app development which means there is a need to consider the experience that the mobile app developer has in your industry. Thus, the developers must know those rules and regulations that determine the functionality of a mobile app.

Avoid the cost factor

Almost all of the mobile application development company consider the money factor as a priority but certainly not while finding the best app maker for their business because No one never spent money on any developer but they would rather invest the same. And the money invested is not a waste but there will always be a return. So, you should not restrict yourself with money while hiring the right person. You will invest in the person, and the return you will receive will be in the form of the future.

Think about today’s market scenario and the best strategy to choose the right app maker is by having a clear-cut idea on your resources and requirements, business challenges and market needs.

Now you got a simple, yet efficient checklist to hire a great mobile app development company for your next project. What’s your take on this?

Attention Android Developers: Take a look at the new Google guidelines

Android Developers new Google guidelines

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS both have close competition in the mobile phone market. The competition becomes more intense as each one releases new updates at a regular interval. Android has a massive number of users but it still holds the second place whenever it is compared with iOS.

Still, Google is trying to plug the loopholes to make Android have a fair win in the competition.  Google has announced new app development guidelines for Android and the changes will give more security which will benefit both users and developers.

 Target Recent API level:

When it comes to security API plays a vital role and with consideration to that Google has incorporated few changes in the API which will increase the security and privacy protections of Android. The changes will provide malware protection. Some of the changes are as follows.

  • Implicit intents that are required for bindService() in Android 5.0 is no longer supported.
  • In case of Android 6.0, Changes in Runtime permission
  • For secure connections, the user added CAs are not trusted by default, in case of Android 7.0
  • Android 8.0 will require Explicit user approval by the apps to access the user account.

With runtime permission, Android 6.0 or high will have full control over what data or information apps can access due to targetSdkVersion 23 of API level. Similarly, the recent release stops the apps from using device resources such as memory and battery. From August 2018 Google Play console will ask apps to target recent level of API and the new apps will have to target API level 26 which is Android 8.0 or high.

From 2019 there will be an advancement in targetSdkVersion. With each release of Android version, the new apps and the updates will require to target corresponding API release that too within the span a year.

The developers will get enough freedom to build apps for older Android versions keeping in mind about backward compatibility and the apps which do not receive any updates will not be affected as the future versions of the Android will put restrictions on the apps that are not targeting recent API level.

The requirement of 64-bit support

Android 5.0 came with 64-bit architecture and now nearly 40% of Android devices have 64-bit support and they are compatible with 32-bit. Still, 64-bit code will provide better performance for the apps using native libraries.  To think of a future growth of Android devices, Google play will require apps to have 64-bit version along with the 32-bit version. This change would be included either in single APK or in one of the several APKs being published. However, Google Play will support apps and devices having 32-bit version and the apps without native code are unaffected.

Android OS Current Market Share

By August 2019 you will see the changes as this will provide developers ample of time and also for those who don’t yet support 64-bit and they can plan the transition accordingly.

Metadata for Security

Now each APK will have a small metadata so it can verify its distribution officially by Google Play. Same like we have a label or a badge on a product which indicates its authenticity APK will have an additional security of metadata for all Android app. It is automatic additional thus it does not require any action by the developers or users.  The metadata will be added in the APK Signing Block taking into account the maximum APK size of Google Play and this won’t disturb the functionality of the app.

This new security metadata addition in the APK will open more distribution opportunities for the developers and also it will help you keep your app updated.

Bottom Line

Security and performance are the two main factors for any app thus there is an increase in the number of Android apps Google has to enhance its Android app development. With each year mobile app development will become more and more crucial and Google needs better security in terms of giving tough competition to its competitor Apple.

To be the part of Google Play, new apps, and existing app updates will have to target a recent Android API level. The new apps will have to implement these guidelines from August 2018 and the existing app updates from November 2018. The main motive for this modification is to make sure that the apps are built on the latest APIs, which have been optimized for more security and better performance.

Top Mobile App Development Trends that will Dominate 2018

mobile app development trends 2018

Apps are everywhere and a part of our culture. Throughout 2017, businesses have realised how essential apps are to success — not just a trendy investment. Therefore they have been launching their own apps to bring in more consumers and to boost profit overall. Consumers, in return, have downloaded the apps and demanded more. With nearly 254 million apps downloaded in 2017, the app market has never been stronger.

As the business sector grows, new trends will become the norm. These are the top 5 you need to look out for:

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

While VR redefines the world, AR is the icing on this digital cake. Experts predict that AR and VR will generate $150 billion in revenue by 2020, presenting a potential market for developers and enterprises to explore. In Fact, Amazon Go has already leveraging the trending technology to disrupt the retail sector.

Artificial Intelligence

Each and every component of technology sector will employ Artificial Intelligence capabilities to its process such as Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs), Intelligent Apps, Cyber Security, IoT. The AI market will experience a revenue growth of more than $47 billion in 2020 stated by the latest report from International Data Corporation (IDC).

Internet of Things (IoT)

Amongst the pioneers of this revolution, Nest and ecobee have devised a unique experience for the home that enables communication and data sharing from complex mobile platforms and backend infrastructures. The catalyst which makes IoT so great is the Data Analytics that customizes the needs into automated functions.

Cloud-based apps

Rapid increases in Cloud technology means that more Cloud-based apps will be developed within the next few years.

Cloud technology would allow app developers to:

  • Cut down on hosting and equipment costs.
  • Enhance storage capacity.
  • Increase collaboration and productivity.

For users, apps with Cloud technology would:

  • Take up less internal memory.
  • Run smoothly across multiple platforms.

Apps that run on Cloud technology can provide businesses with greater security over their corporate data, especially if they don’t believe that BYOD is a safe option.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps will become a trend to look out for this year. Similar to on-demand apps, it’s their easy access that makes them attractive and convenient for consumers. The difference being that they require no installation and can be accessed straight away.

Because the apps don’t need downloading, they remove the barrier between app and website.

Android Instant Apps allow you to:

  • Access them on the site, with only one click.
  • Use them with no installation.
  • Run the apps as quickly and efficiently as a web page.
  • Access and run all apps on most Android versions, from Jelly Bean to current designs.
  • Share them easily with friends and family.
  • Free up more space on your smartphone.

In the arena of 2018 as several innovations gear up to disrupt the market, make sure you are at the top of your game with either a new innovation.

How to Create a Killer Android Application for Your Business?

Do you want to create an Android app? Do you wish to make money from Android app development London? The main aim of Android application development is to maximize the ROI. With hundreds of Android apps in the Google Play Store as yours, it can be difficult to create a successful app that stands out of the competition. Before developing the app, you should do some homework and try to find what your competitors do to become successful.

Here are some tips that can help you make a killer app for your business

Understanding the target market

The key to a successful app is to understand the target market. You need to understand the target audience and find out what features your Android app should have. Understanding the needs and expectations of the target market will help you create the best fit for the Google Play Store.

Focus on the exclusive feature that your target audience needs. Have a look at the similar app as yours and try to find what features you can offer to attract the audience. Think of one or two features that you can provide to the users. Determine the challenges and find out how to overcome them.

When your target market gets attracted to your Android app, they would be willing to pay for it. You can be assured that your app helps you make a lot of money.

Understanding the usage of the app

After your Android app is launched, people would start downloading it. You should keep an eye on the app usage trends. Determine whether the user reaches the app via social media or app store. This will help you understand what compelled the user to download your app.

Regular updates

The users are likely to provide feedback or suggestions when they start using your app. You should pay attention to each one of them and make the changes accordingly. You can release updates for your Android app that will attract the users and make a better impression on them.

So, if you want to develop a killer app, you should look for an expert company for Android app development London. Explain them your requirements and business goals. They would be able to develop the best Android app that fits your requirements and budget. Get suggestions from the developers and create a killer app that helps to skyrocket your sales.

Android App Development – From Idea Conceptualization to Development

Did you wake up this morning with an idea in mind to develop an app for Android in London? If you want to convert your unique idea into a working Android application, here is a brief guide to help you:

Idea conceptualization

If you have a rough idea in mind, you can talk to a few people and ask them for suggestions. Mobile industry is huge and getting one big idea can help you make huge profits. Talk to the industry experts and know what the pain areas are. It can be a good idea to design and develop Android app London that solves the pain points and offers a suitable solution to the users.

You can even talk to Android app developers in London and find out what features can your app have. Expert Android app development companies in UK have project managers who can understand your idea and define it for an app development.


Once your idea for Android app development in London is defined, you can do some research online and find out whether there is a similar app on the Play Store. There are chances that you may think that you have come up with a revolutionary idea, but there may be several other apps with the same idea.

Don’t be discouraged if you come across some apps with the same features. You can think differently and add new and innovative features to your app. You should focus on your project and try to make it better than the existing apps. Learn about the key features of all the existing similar apps and come up with something new that attracts the audience.

Defining the functionality

Once you have jotted down your requirements, you should define the features and functionality of the app. Before designing, you need to figure out the core functionality. You should define the front end and back end features of the app. You can draw sketch that can be used as a reference for Android app developers in London.

Designing and development

There’s not much you can do in designing and development of your Android application London. When you hire Android app development company in UK, the professionals would take care of everything. They will send you the product for approval. You can have a look at the deliverables and provide them suggestions if you want any changes to be made.

Testing and Submission

Before submitting your app to the Play Store, the developers would test it completely to ensure that it is bug free and meets the standards set by the Play Store. It is advisable to hire Android app development company in London that guarantees approval on the app store.


Last, but not the least. No mobile app is complete without a proper marketing strategy. Once your app is launched, you can think of the marketing strategies that can help you make profits. Some app owners start planning the marketing activities right from the designing part. No matter what type of app you develop, marketing is important. You can hire app marketers to help you get good returns.