Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry

Enterprise mobility has brought about one of the most innovative evolutions in the technological world. And every industry that has come in touch with this incredible breakthrough, has only been able to perform more effectively and increase its productivity, while saving on a lot of money. Transportation industry too has recognized the concept of enterprise mobility as a key necessity and the perfect technological tool for itself.

How can a business in the Transportation Industry be benefited through us?

  • Any worry about safety and security of the system could be easily dropped.
  • The mobile enterprise framework and every application we develop here – it is designed keeping in mind the feasibility as well as keeping the company’s needs in perspective.
  • We can help you do away with the age old tradition of pen and paper methods, and instead introduce more time saving and cost efficient methods, in form of our applications.
  • The gap between your office, the people working in there, and the workers who operate from the field, can be bridged through our mobile enterprise solution.Employee attendance, the hours they must have put in, or if they switched their tasks or positions, the extra hours they might have put in, and many other such basic things or factors can be tracked through the solution we design for you.
  • Consequently, our software would also help you maintain the payroll of your employees in an accurate fashion.
  • In addition, the nature of this industry being a mobile one, any business would like to have biometric readers and such other technology to be present on the field, warehouses, on the road, and so on. This is needed in order to keep a real time track of employees, of whether they switched tasks, or if they’re able to handle all the customer needs. Our mobile enterprise solution will not disappoint on this front as well.
  • With the supply chain management beng no more than a click away, you will rarely ever face the problem of customer requirements not being met.
  • Our brand of solution also helps a business keep track of the inventory, get all the updates in real time, through radio frequency readers and other supply chain related apps.

What can your customers expect from Enterprise Mobility Services provided by Whiz Solutions?

  • They will be able to book a flight, or even a hotel room,without having to be physically present at the place.
  • Their flight and luggage status, everything related to the advanced inventory – it would all be tracked digitally by means of custom-designed software.
  • People wouldn’t have to worry about the time that is wasted in the form of lag, between placing an order and receiving updates on its progress.
  • They would also be able to keep a track of their luggage, from the time it is checked in, to the time it’s checked out, with the help of our designed application