Pay Per Click Advertising

Drive targeted campaigns to reach your audience and convert potential search inquiries to valuable business leads

Get high ROIs with targeted search marketing

Online advertising gives some of the highest returns when it comes to driving ideal traffic to your website for conversions. One of the most effective online media, PPC advertising pushes forward your brand’s reach to the customers, making the former more visible across all platforms. A cost effective solution, pay per click advertising ensures high business revenues.

The Whiz Advantage

Moving ahead from enhanced keyword research and competitor analysis, the Whiz team designs audience and demographics specific PPC campaigns for your business. These ad campaigns are then tested against each other for high performance with constant monitoring. The effectiveness of PPC campaigns is regularly reported in form of total clicks, conversions, site visits and so on.

What we offer:

  • Search ads marketing
  • Display Network
  • Remarketing
  • Video & App ads

Why PPC Advertising?

PPC campaigns ensure high ROI delivery in short time spans, and are super cost effective. Getting maximum returns becomes easier through targeted marketing of users, locations, platforms and devices. PPC also complements SEO strategies by providing high returns keywords, market analysis and testing information for better optimization.

Highlights of PPC Advertising:

  • Increased visibility on search engines
  • Targeted marketing solutions
  • Enhanced remarketing
  • High gains, low investments
  • Superior leads and conversions
  • SEO optimization support

Achieve significant ROI through affordable PPC solutions

Any online business requires regular user traffic to survive. Often however, the traffic is not filtered to target a higher percentage of potential users, resulting in lesser returns. PPC advertising ensures brand presence across search engines, relevant partner websites, video marketing as well as mobile apps – giving your business a boost specifically targeted towards generating cleaner leads.

Multiple advertising platforms

PPC advertising can be done on search engines, through Display Network, remarketing, as well as video or app ads

Affordable & Quick results

Leads start pouring in from PPC campaigns right from day one of advertising, resulting in cost-effective high ROI

Better Leads & Conversions

PPC campaigns promise superior leads than generic marketing ideas, given the considerable filtering depth possible