PPC Management Service

PPC Management


We offer effective PPC management services to help the business grow and acquire a number of leads in a short period of time for business to turn into a recognized brand.

  • Direct Marketing
  • PPC Management services
  • Instant Leads Conversions
  • Higher Engagement
PPC management

Trustworthy PPC Services to Provide the Highest ROI in the Market

100% efficient PPC Management

PPC management requires an expert who knows how to handle the campaign effectively so you can get the maximum leads for your business. We have a team of certified PPC experts who can help you with traffic generation. As you need to pay for each click in marketing campaigns, so you need an expert who knows how to run a campaign effectively, so you get a higher ROI.

Our experts have extensive knowledge of running the PPC campaign for generating quality business by targeting the right keywords, geography, and other demographics that could bring you the maximum leads with the highest conversion rate.

With effective PPC services, you can help your business grow instantly by generating relevant traffic on your website and a higher conversion rate.

PPC Management services

Our PPC Management services

We are among the few PPC management company in Noida, offering a wide range of PPC management services with guaranteed results. With our expert monitored Pay Per Click management services, you can ensure your company’s success by getting the quality leads turning into higher revenue generation.

PPC Text Ads

Paid Search Campaigns

Paid Per Campaign or PPC is the way of advertising your brand or company with paid marketing strategies and advertisement. In these campaigns, you get instant results as your advertisements are direct reach to the targeted audience. For every click, you need to pay to the platform of the company advertising services to the users. We offer PPC management services to help the companies in making the best out of every single penny they spend on marketing.

  • Brings higher traffic to the website
  • Appear above organic search results
  • Higher rate of leads conversion

Social Media Campaigns

We have a team of certified PPC experts who know how to manage the advertisements on different platforms like Adwords on social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and much more to bring the quality traffic leads for generating business for our clients. We value your every penny; that is the reason we put only the industry experts on your social media marketing campaigns who can get the maximum ROI with the help of PPC. Social media holds the biggest amount of power when it comes to attracting users, so investing in social media PPC is a smart move.

  • Geographically Targeted Ads
  • Deep Review of Analytics Data
  • Exceptional PPC Experts
PPC Display Ads

Google Local Services Ads Management

Our team of marketers follows a result-driven approach while providing PPC management services glocally by spending your money only on the business generating keywords. We have already served and still running the PPC campaigns for some of the big names in the industry to help them with the business expansion and by bringing new customers every day. Our marketing pundits target your business keywords for Google Local Services Ads Management to bring direct business and leads to your company.

  • Text ads with a snippet of business information
  • Link to call on mobile
  • Appear above organic search results
PPC Remarketing Ads

Shopping Ads (Ecommerce) Management

Whiz Solution offers affordable PPC management services that can also be customized according to your business requirements, and you can use them cost-effectively. This also includes Shopping on search engines like Google to display your products directly in the search results. This will bring the targeted or interested customer directly to your website, thus resulting in higher sales.

  • Controlled Communication
  • Increase Visibility, Increase Reach
  • The high-quality image display
PPC Shopping Ads