The Faces Behind Whiz

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise from all corners of the tech world, earning the title of the being the true brains behind our amazing portfolio.

Together we stand, and are unbeatable!

Harnessing the wide reach of the digital world, our team is a bunch of enthusiastic individuals that create brilliant solutions together. With an experience ranging to more than a decade, and skills sets that cover the wide spectrum of web and digital related services, our team is highly trained and well-versed with the evolving technology trends.

Our team works in minute details, ensuring all progress is in tandem with your business requirements. Professionally dedicated is part of the job description at Whiz – a point to which everyone stays true even in the most difficult of conditions. We believe that working with the best and brightest is the one of the primary reasons why Whiz today stands out among the rest so effortlessly.

Transparency with Trust guaranteed

With great power comes great responsibility. At Whiz, we take both, client privacy and work transparency in the most serious sense. We focus on empowering the client with efficient digital tools to assure quick business success, with the team driving the goals towards measurable results and consistent returns at all times.

Who We Are

Team spirit is the heart and soul of how we function at Whiz, bringing together out-of-the-box ideas to create something truly unique and expeditious that we can be proud of.

Unparalleled Tech Expertise

Comprising skilled experts from across the industry, the Whiz team is built of champions acing different technologies and platforms with ease. These lead the foray into high performance deliveries with beautiful rich experiences and secured frameworks for perfect business support.

Dedicated Yet Fun Workplace

While we pride ourselves on being highly professional, we have our bit of fun here and there. The team has multiple hidden talents that come to surface only in times of great workload and immense pressure, and set the stage on humour, cheering the environment back to lit enthusiasm!

Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

Whether brainstorming wireframe layouts or doodling gorgeous new designs, the X-factor for producing work beyond imagination is always accompanied by a team that works, plays and thinks together. Evolving team spirit is often known as the essence of Whiz.

Why Choose Us?

Growth-oriented Environment

Whiz is synonymous with dynamic development, bringing in regular innovations in the technology field with excellent solutions. The team’s core strength of working towards generating high returns for business across varied sectors also helps multi-disciplinary skills growth of individual members on a constant basis.

Professional & Progressive Culture

One of the foremost working concepts at Whiz is to move away from constricting traditional cultures to a more progressive one. We consider an open thinking environment to be more beneficial for evolved R&D and distinctively productive solutions. In a constant state of improvement, every individual forms a part of the bigger picture and is actively taken care of.

Healthy Mix of Work & Fun

All work and no play can make a happy efficient team dull in a matter of time. Fun plays an important quotient, while keeping on top priority the importance of timely deliveries and efficient creations. The team enjoys working toward developing brilliant tech systems with just as much enthusiasm as you’d have prospering your business.

Expansion of Skills

One of the best fringe benefits of working in a multi-technology firm, our team gets wide exposure to an expanse of platforms. They quickly pick up the functional threads of newest technology trends, weaving them into impressive solutions. Their customer centric approach ensures a rapid skill development to maintain high standards of performance and creativity.

Sounds good? Now let’s hear your idea!

We’d love to work on it with you and create something awesome.

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