Legal Industry

Legal Industry

In order to perform any task in the best way possible, to be able to give a 100% to any job at hand, the organization skills within an organization need to be impeccable. A law firm, in such a case, is no exception. The pressure here isn’t just to handle the clients and their cases, but to have a clear picture of everything that entails the work being done for a client. Right from keeping track of the total number of billable hours, to keeping a record of every service provided by the firm on a daily basis – maintaining a systematized workflow is always a top priority.


And what better than a specially designed custom-built enterprise mobile app for the task!

We Build You a Custom-designed Enterprise App

At Whiz Solutions, we have team full of experts and professionals who delve into the specifics of an industry, in this case legal, and then look at the client company’s niche within that industry. Here, we don’t just build generic applications that only provide a track and record of hours. We create enterprise apps to provide custom designed workflows to every firm, making it an easy and seamless process for its lawyers and paralegals to centrally maintain their records and every piece of information they deem important, including billable hours.

We Help Your Firm Increase its Productivity and Revenue

And because these are centrally maintained files, they are easily shareable as well. It particularly helps if the firm has branches all over, including outside the country, and every legal document and case material needs a simultaneous access many-a-times. It is due to the enterprise mobility that we provide, that a law firm can devote its time to its core functions, instead of stressing about the internal organization of data. The billable hours for every lawyer tend to increase, henceforth, and they’re even more pleased with the increase in the revenue that it brings. This further marks an increase in the return on investment for the law firm.

We Aid Your Firm to be More Cost-Effective and Client-Centric

Also, considering the vast number of lawyers needing an access while having geography separate them by huge distances, and data that needs extensive categorization and indexing before it can be efficiently used, the process could easily become really tedious as well as expensive. But with Whiz Solutions, this again is take care of. Moreover, we know the importance of client response time, and how it affects customer satisfaction and finally the repeat customer rate. Therefore, through our services, we make sure that our client firms find their client base really happy with them.

And so, to sum it all up, we are in the business of not just building any legal app, but specifically your enterprise legal app!