Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We provide one stop solution for Email Marketing

Get your first custom Email template @ 50% discount

Get your first Email Template with responsive layout and litmus test report to ensure that it runs across major email client at 50% discount where a post service is an additional support.

Email is King of Marketing

Old School yet holding an impeccable stand for Marketing, starting from plain professional text email to HTML interactive email where and image/video/GIF are implemented to provide and strong appearance. Targeting from B2B market to B2C market where Email know its targeted audience across the globe. Hand Coded HTML custom Email Template. Email Designed from scratch. Email Designed & Coded as per industry best practices.

Email client:

  • Get your custom email template viewed in Email Client.
  • Apple iPhone & Gmail are covering the 50% of the market to view an email into an email client.
  • Support of email client has evolving from text email to interactive emails.
  • More information in less space with interactive elements.

Inbound Marketing

Its aim is to attract customers towards your products and services and enhances customer experience by offering relevant information. Inbound email marketing works to HELP and troubleshoot the problems faced by users (individuals, Agencies, etc.) in their respective fields by sharing valuable content that is relevant for the target audience.

Identify your Targeted Audience

  • Know your Audience
  • Segement your Contacts
  • Send the Right Email at the Right Time
  • Nurture leads to turn them into Customers
  • Delight your Subscribers and Customers

ESP can gives you wings to fly

Looking for cost effective Marketing, well Email is the thing where and ESP is required to run the campaign effectively.
Increasing your deliver ability rate & ROI. Integrating your technology and automation systems with it. Preventing the unsubscribe on account of poor testing or rendering. Scaling the automation to the next level with targeted & relevant communication.

Only Coding

Get your beautifully designed email from us as per your Banding Guidelines.

Only Design

Hand coded HTML email template as per your requirement.

Design & Coding

Design & Code email template as per email best practices.