Top Nine Web Design and Development Companies in UK

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Today, we are in an era of ever-growing and developing the industry of Web Design and Development. Every company needs unique design and layouts to catch the eye and make an impact on the visitor. Ever since the beginning of web design and development, there have been constant improvements and upgradations to the techniques. To cope up with this never-ending change there are various companies that are doing the hard work to excel in these technologies to deliver quality assistance and product on time. So, in case you are looking out for some of the leading Web Design and development companies in the UK then you are on the right page. You can get a brief idea of how a company works in various directions of Web Design and Development and which company you should choose when you are going to get your work done.

List of the Top Web Design and Development Companies are listed below:

The Web Development Kitchen:

The Web Development Kitchen is a London based firm, keen to work on Web Design and Development is offering a range of services. They have a well-curated team of copywriters, web designers, and developers. The Web Development Kitchen was established in 2005, with a vision of delivering websites that can help create a unique identity for the company. Before beginning the project, this company believes in conducting extensive consultation and after that, they develop a wireframe. This helps the client in understanding how the site is going to look in order to proceed to the work in the right direction from the start and deliver the right product to their client.


Established in 1998, Bianor is a 21-year-old firm that specializes in developing custom and unique software designs. They develop websites for leading media, telecommunication, and technology companies. They have offices in New York and Sofia that employs highly skilled staff for delivering the best quality solutions to help maximize the profits of the clients.

 Whiz Solutions:

Whiz Solution, it is a brand development company, has an extremely talented and well-curated team of high-end graphic designers, web developers, and online marketing specialists that are keen to take the brand of your company to another level. It is known that having an online presence has become one of the key requirements of any company and it helps in bringing the brand name of the company to another level. They believe in making solutions that would help the clients get returns from their investments. This helps in marketing products effectively on an online platform and in turn, makes the company earn profits.

Immersive Media:

Based in Greater London, Immersive Media is one of the UK’s top rated companies in the field of Web Design and SEO. They deliver high quality and eye-catching websites. They work with a wide range of clients and help them support the Websites from launching them to delivering additional support. They have an amazing 20 years of experience in this industry in delivering hundreds of products that are functional, engaging and even e-commerce websites. They complement them with the SEO campaigns that work with your company in an appreciable manner.


Zerozilla in an eCommerce and Web Development company. They provide many services related to software development. They have their own techniques that help them to suit the requirements of their clients and partners. They work for companies of all sizes to help them excel towards their problem by providing them complete solutions. They provide world-class services with the help of their dedicated team of graphic designers, software developers, web designers, and SEO experts. Together, they help deliver the best solutions to the clients by being cost-effective and analyzing requirements.

Lounge Lizard:

Providing the perfect user experience, Lounge Lizard is doing amazing work in this field for the past 21 years. They help design Websites such that they increase the performance of the company by creating high end sales and capturing leads. They make 100% custom designs and never utilize templates. They believe in making the Website deliver the right brand story. Lounge Lizard provides custom designs and thus helps in delivering the finest results possible. They believe in making your competitors wish the website that currently you are having.


Founded in 2012, SumatoSoft specializes in developing challenging projects and complex designs. They work in the field of mobile, web, and Internet of Things sector. They offer full-fledged development of software starting from the basic web design to a fully customized Website. They build on the principles of transparency by collaborating with their clients. As they want to deliver a product that is fully applicable to the needs of their clients.


The utility was established in 2013, they specialize in designing custom mobile and web applications with their innovative partners. They work for startups to Fortune 500 companies and help them lead the digital market. They have a hardworking team of top tier engineers and experienced designers that help them develop world-class product strategies. They are currently working for many companies to provide the best solutions for their products.


Since the middle of the ’90s, the Covent Garden, Londen based company, Amphenol has been delivering one of the best Web Development services. They offer custom Web Design and make them user-friendly while being eye-catching. They are international award winners and believes in performing the best when it comes to their field of excellence. In order to deliver the needs of the client, they perform prior consultation. They welcome feedback from the clients to provide world-class services.

The businesses brand consistency is delivered to the world through its website and the above-listed firms work hard enough to get you the best solution for that. So, your search for the best web designers and developers in the UK can come to an end after getting to this list, thereby letting you reach your customers more effectively and efficiently.

Things to Consider for an Effective eCommerce Store Development



From grocery to medicine, from fashion to home appliances, people have now found a smart way to shop. We always look forward to an eCommerce that would bring the world closer to us. With a tap of our fingers, we can have access to all our requirements. For all the reasons the eCommerce websites are gaining importance among people. Ecommerce sites are evolving and improving every day, bringing new ideas and catering to your daily needs. Today for all the services and products, customers rely on eCommerce websites.

In accordance to meet to your regular requirements, eCommerce websites should be well equipped and developed, and to develop or improve the eCommerce websites, some basic attributes should be borne in mind. When there are constant competitions in the market, each eCommerce should have the ability to stand out from the rest to increase conversions.

That’s brings us to take a quick look at the essential and important checklist to develop a better eCommerce store.

  1. Know your customer and relate your products – The important aspect of any eCommerce website is to learn your customer’s needs and relate their requirements to your products and services. This requires a bit of research and of course, following customers browsing history. You can study your customer’s behavior through their browsing history and customize your products and services to relate it to their needs. For example – if your customer has been searching home appliances often, you can customize your websites and introduce a collection of home appliances of different categories. This practice will surely multiply the conversion rates as your customers will keep coming back for more.

To identify your customers and their requirements you can,

Segregate your customers on the basis of their age, gender, education, marital status, and more. Keep track of your audience’s search habits, what offers they are looking for, and what are their likes and dislikes. Nothing works better than interacting with your customers. You can include feedback form, suggestion form, and more to get to know your customers better, learn about their likes, dislikes, and more.

  1. Finding the right platform – to build or develop a right eCommerce website, you need to select the accurate platform. You have to know what exactly your site is built for and what are you likely to sell. Based on this, you have to select the perfect for safe and secure transactions. As the eCommerce website development platform forms the backbone of every online business, you can pick or select the right development platform such as Magneto, Shopify, and more.
  2. Website needs to be personalized based on your customer’s requirements – Whatever maybe your business, eCommerce online platform need to be customized to fit all the needs of your customers It should be easy to navigate, view and browse across the catalogs of products and services, so that the customers can easily pick from the wide range of products available on the website.
  3. Easy payment gateway – It is a striking idea to incorporate an easy payment option on the website for the customers. When there are loads of transactions taking place every day, customers seek easy, safe, and secure payment options. Easy payment options will make things convenient for the customers and will help them to choose the products with complete peace of mind. Hence, you can include multiple payment options like cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, paytm, net banking, and more.
  4. Make your site responsive – Undoubtedly the new digital world has come to the tip of your finger, or it may be right to say so that your fingertips can control the digital world. Having said so, can we disagree that these days all the major online payments, shopping and even booking movie tickets and ordering food online are done on your mobile phones? I guess we all know the answer. Hence it is a requirement to build your eCommerce website as responsive as possible. It should be easily accessible through your phones, desktops, laptops, and even tablets.
  5. Great user experience – Your eCommerce website demand an organized and easy to use UX features. With great admin features comes the robust backend support as well. Therefore, it becomes an essential aspect and demands a great user experience.
  6. A perfect eCommerce hosting platform – Easy to access and high in performance are the two essential attributes that the customer’s lookout for a good eCommerce website. A good hosting and support platform can increase your conversion rates and can help you retain your loyal customers.
  7. High website speed in multiple devices – To attract more loyal customers and to rank high on the search engines, your eCommerce website should have equal speed on all the devices.
  8. Equal performance even in high traffic – A good eCommerce website certainly attracts high traffic, but what if in between the server go down? This is essential that the performance of your eCommerce does not go down even if the website is overloaded with high traffic.
  9. High data security – Huge amount of data are stored in this eCommerce website, so it is extremely important to maintain the security of these confidential data.
  10. Brilliant design and user interface – Need to plan a brilliant marketing strategy for your eCommerce website? Why don’t you try having the coolest user interface and site design? This can be the ultimate step towards a successful marketing design.
  11. Prominent shopping cart and search options – Having a prominent shopping cart and search option can attract your customers to your eCommerce websites. The cart icon and search option should be well distributed across the website and in such a way that it does not miss out on visibility. The search bar on each of the pages can help the customers to look out for the products they are interested in buying.
  12. An attractive brand logo – An attractive brand logo can be eye-candy for many customers. Reputation is built on the brand logo and can help to establish your brands.
  13. Offers can drive more prospective customers – Introducing offers and discounts certainly increases the success rate of conversion. The catch here is to include these offers and discounts in an attractive call to action to attract more conversions
  14. Highlight the best sellers – If you have certain products that are selling high on your website, you could start by highlighting the essential qualities of these products.
  15. A picture speaks – Imagine you define the products, how about a picture beside the description? There is no doubt that we read the product description, but the impact of having a high definition picture can simply engage the visitor’s attention almost immediately.

Finally, keep following the latest trend or rather unleash the new trend, and the world will be at your feet. Happy shopping!


The Mobile App Design Trends For 2019 You Must Know About

Mobile App Design London

The significance of versatile applications for organizations can be checked from the fact that customers invest their energy in applications instead of their internet browser. These details feature the noteworthiness of having an exceptional portable application structure for your independent company.

Today individuals use applications for everything directly from looking for their preferred brands to ordering food, shopping, reading, booking tickets, etc. Expanding number of independent ventures have versatile applications. Your business too needs an application to advance your products and services on cell phones.

Mobile app design is necessary because of the way that the more significant part of your potential buyers likes to utilize applications to peruse and buy products or services.

Be that as it may, just putting a portable application on the clients’ cell phone screen won’t change over them into potential customers. In the wake of examining your application, the client experience tallies a ton for the accomplishment of your business.

On the off chance that your application has issues with respect to route, a chain of command, pictures, downloading, and so on and so forth, at that point, such an unfortunate encounter will halt them from purchasing your items.

In the event that your application isn’t driving traffic, for the most part, the flaw is in its failure to give a vital customer experience.

It may be that your portable application configuration isn’t accessible, implying that some most recent key highlights are absent from the plan. Thus, if your business application isn’t dealing with anticipated lines, upgrade it with new easy to use highlights.

With the changing necessities of organizations and clients, the planners turn out with numerous new arrangements as portable applications. The accentuation is to make the applications easy to understand. Better approaches to fuse navigational catches and different highlights are being imagined and executed each year.

The following are the latest trends in designing mobile applications-

Fresh color palettes– In hues, the new patterns in portable application structures will lay accentuation on utilizing fresh colors. Up until now, the designers were utilizing moderate shading plans that accompanied a ton of blank area. Light and dim backgrounds are incorporated into the new color scheme. You should take motivations from these trends just to turn out with novel yet easy to understand plans.

In the process of creating a mobile app design, ensure that you comprehend the customer’s same old thing and brand message. All the plan components, for example, hues, textual styles, pictures, images, content, and so forth, ought to synchronize with the brand character.

You need to ensure that you experience the customer’s design brief and pose pertinent inquiries to find out about the business and its intended interest group.

Branding– A large portion of the organizations realize the fact that their versatile applications can assume a crucial job in making an essential and dependable association with clients. Keeping this in mind, they are making mobile app designs that recount to a brand story.

Graphics and illustrations are by and large, progressively used to recount to a brand story. Such structures are instrumental in making a loyal program and in constructing a strong client base.

Animation– A standout amongst the most well-known application configuration patterns picking up energy is making dynamic and utilitarian animation, which are attractive components. These application plans are especially valuable for making remarkable structures to draw consideration and for the improved client experience. Along these lines, the animation is never again confined to the games and has now entered the domain of mobile app designs.

Navigation– some of the striking elements of the navigation design in mobile apps are increasingly navigational choices, secluded looking to look through columns of data, navigational catch that shows up on the screen for at some point and vanishes on delayed inaction, unending looking for versatile applications having enormous measure of information and substance, parallax looking for natural route, etc

Gestures– The cell phone screen, as of now have the swipe option included; however, there is a degree for the improvement. Presently the buttons are huge enough to swipe them effectively. New patterns in the swipe highlight are probably going to include the designers taking motivation from card-based channels in Pinterest board and Twitter, and they may join the highlights of card formats and general swipe.

Simple user interface– The application designers comprehend that the interface ought to be essential and clear for better usefulness and therefore have the tendency towards making disentangled and simple User Interface. The majority of the UI structures are level plans to suit advanced screens. The notable highlights of a simple graphic design services UI include taking favorable advantages of the digital screens, clearness, and usefulness of the UI, components of moderation taken in UI plan and bright screen space.

Simplicity is a basic feature of any graphic design; just ensure that you keep your UI easy to make user-friendly mobile app designs.

Design for bigger screens– The new age of larger than average cell phones come in greater screens as individuals need to utilize progressively visual substance on cell phones. Therefore the need of the hour is to design mobile applications which suit the bigger screens of the mobiles of the customers.

Be that as it may, a versatile application plan for bigger screens has its own difficulties. A few changes must be made in UI/UX and navigation. Also, just not exactly a fourth of the screen region is in the scope of the agreeable reach of clients’ thumb. Along these lines, planning of applications for the greater screen is a pattern, however, accompanies its very own difficulties.

Cell phones are never again restricted to smartphones. This idea covers an assortment of techniques, among which there are those that one can wear on oneself. Like cell phones, smartwatches likewise need applications that the client can get to. You would probably have to give however much usefulness as could reasonably be expected on a little space available.

Top Web Design Companies in London

Website Design Company London

In today’s time, a robust structure is not enough, you need to add beauty to it to attract customers to it.

The same thing goes with your business website.

You know your website development team has worked literally very hard and the website’s structure is so strong that it can easily handle multiple queries at a time without harming any data.

However, if your website’s design is not appealing, you won’t be able to hear excellent reviews of User Experience as it is not at all pleasing their eyes.

Thus, you need a meticulous yet creative Web Design Company to assist you to get that top-notch design for your business website.

In London, there is a hub of companies dealing with website designing, yet you would definitely love to work with the best ones. Here, we have listed some of them:

The Web Design Company, London, UK.

The Green Essex Winner – 2015 and Content Creator Awards Winner 2019 by CV Magazine awarded as the Most Client-Focused Web Design Company, The Web Design Company is rated highly with excellent reviews even on Google.

The company is known for the high skilled services for providing Website Designers in London, Website Design in Southend, Web Shops and even SEO.

They not only help you with your website’s design but also with branding and optimization as well and help your website perform well on mobile as well.

The Web Design Company has a ravishing portfolio available on their website to show you how talented and proficient they are with their work.

Also, they get a 5-star rating on Google and have testimonials from a high number of clients who are just happy with their services and the way they provided them with the future-proof website designs and brand for their businesses.

KD Web Digital Agency

Formed in 1996, KD Web Digital Agency is an aged Web Designing Company who has seen the past, present and the future of the web design.

They help you with an attractive design for your website and always remain available to help you anytime you feel puzzled.

They have an in-house team of highly skilled web designers in London and offer services to clients across the UK.

They help you with valuable services for your business website such as Website Design, SEO, Mobile Web Layouts and App development and Branding of your business and its website.

They are proud assistants of clients such as HCA Hospitals, NHS, Transindus and many others.

The company has highly appreciating reviews on Google with a 5-star rating.

Dsgn One

Formed in 2008, Dsgn One is a full-service Web Design Agency offering you brainstorming, website design services.

The company has been rapidly growing making more and more clients across the country happy and cherishing their requests and delivering the best of their skills.

They offer you the website design for a business website, e-commerce website and various web pages as well.

Ranked 5-star on Google, Dsgn One has a ravishing portfolio to have a look at and will definitely amaze you and prove that they are the one-stop for your business website’s design, branding, and marketing.

They offer you services, not only for Web Design but for Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting and all that of Internet Marketing.

They are a famous Website Design Solutions provider leading in Bath and London.

Companies Web Design

Located in Canary Wharf, London, Companies Web Design is one of the leading market players with its highly skilled services in the Web Design.

This company offers you various services for Web Design, E-Commerce, Website Packages, SEO and Internet Marketing at highly market competitive rates.

The company helps you with all the website solutions that you may need to succeed, not limited to the Website Design.

They provide you with the highest attainable quality at a lightning speed with their team of dedicated website designers and developers to get the end result with great quality.

They value your money and keep your goals at the center of their vision to attain the maximum of the project that you are working on.

Do you have more in your mind?

Having a business website is an inevitable thing in today’s time.

You need to have a business website that is not limiting to its strong functionality and robust backend structure, but you need to have an attracting website design that can quickly catch eyes of the visitors and make them explore more.

If you have a business in the UK, it is very important for you to meet up with the digital standards to compete for head to head with your competitors and in such scenario, you need to have a beautiful website.

Struggling alone is not good and hence, we present you the idea of choosing the best.

Top 8 UI/UX Design Trends for 2019

UX UI Design Trends 2019

2018 was a year when UX has been at the center stage and its importance will continue this year as well. There is a number of trends which are likely to dominate in 2019. Trends are there for a reason. One needs to compel trends and know how to navigate them to get the best result. Now let’s get into the UI/UX design trends that we think are worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

Functional animation

Functional animation is not something new for designers. Nowadays browsers are very much capable to handle animation in the much better way. They are used to bring attention to certain elements and explain the relationships between objects. However, it’s not about flashy elements for enhancing the decoration. Micro-animations have created a huge impact on how people interact with interfaces.

Voice Interface

The demand for voice-enabled devices is rising strongly. Voice-first devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home are quickly becoming a common element of modern houses. As per the recent survey, smart speaker installed base reached 100 million worldwide in 2018. It shows that designers have to give more focus on designing for this new medium which interfaces with both voice and visuals. We have to wait and watch to see the potential of voice UI unraveling in e-commerce and other types of web services.

Oversized headlines

Oversized headlines are used in many websites and mobile app as it has more visual weight on an important message. You have to very clear about spacing and placement of elements because it says a lot about the company. Select a typeface smartly for the process of comprehension. Go for the fonts which are easy to read like sans serif fonts and after selecting one test your layouts on readability.

Deep flat design

Flat design is very unique and it is also capable of exploring further. Today the customer give the response to more life-like objects and it has become possible with the combination of Real 3D and CG. The main reason for adding dimension to flat design is its shadow and light positioning and reflections. Various other assets like overlapping elements, shadows, pattern, and textures create more sense of space and together they all bring products to life.

Video background

Since years videos has successfully attracted more visitors. A well-suited video can really engage more traffic onto your site. Choose a video as a background element as it will work as an integral part of the story or any experience. Make sure you consider all the aspects before implementing background videos. This may reduce down page load time and other accessibility issues. One can easily capture and implement an HD video making it as a background video.

Unique Illustrations

Illustrations are one of a more important tool in designer’s toolbox. They act as visual assets which a user can remember and connect with the product. It’s a perfect way for storytelling. Well crafted illustrations can allow designers to express complex ideas in an easy way with minimum words. Illustrations make understanding of the concept clear and in a glance. Many digital products use them as they are very powerful.

UX Writers

Visual language is a term often used by designers when they discuss graphical user interfaces. It is basically how user and digital products communicate. A lot of company hire “UX Writer” in their product teams who will have to match words and visuals. His Job is to make sure that the text copy creates the best possible experience.  The demand for “UX Writer is increasingly vigorously.

Design Systems

As the project complexity is rising, designers are continually looking for new ways of working.  Designers keeping their strong focus on creating design systems which will a collection of reusable UI elements and patterns. Companies will hire special people who can build design systems.

In Nutshell,

No matter it is 2018 or 2019 or on what device or interface you provide digital experience one thing will always remain constant is the flawless performance. All-time trends will always be more honesty and kindness in the digital frame. Make sure you provide the best user experience in terms of simplicity, usefulness, and respect. Your sincere intent will always speak for your design at its core.