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Handling PHP development for startups to enterprises, Whiz Solutions offers competitive PHP solutions to scale-up your business online. Hire us because we deliver:

  • On-Time With Quick Turnaround
  • Bug-Free PHP Solutions
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Affordable PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development

Experience Full-Stack PHP Development Using Modern PHP Frameworks

Offering a complete suite of PHP Development under one hood, Whiz Solutions unlocks your business growth potential. Explore an array of most modern PHP frameworks for development that include:

  • CakePHP

Develop Visually Impressive PHP Solutions

  • Laravel

Build Complex Applications in a Jiffy

  • CodeIgniter

Create Scalable Apps at a Lightning-Fast Pace

  • Symfony

Develop Large-Scale Apps with Flexible Integration

  • Yii

Develop Solutions with Robust Security and Performance

  • Zend

Take on Enterprise-Level Development in a Better Way

  • Phalcon

Build Highly Secure Web Solutions with Fast Execution Speed

  • FuelPHP

Build Secure, Complex and Diverse Development Solutions

Outperform Competitors With Cutting-Edge PHP Development Services from Whiz Solutions

Gain an edge over your competitors with quality PHP web development solutions you can count on. With proven methodologies, skilled PHP developers and rich-experience, Whiz Solutions helps you build world-class development solutions that bring more fame to your name online. We have proudly served an array of industries, from real estate to healthcare and E-commerce to finance that puts us in a competitive position to take your development in a better way than others do.

Our Expertise in PHP Web Development Includes:

  • Custom PHP Website Development
  • Bespoke E-Commerce Development
  • Robust, Scalable & Feature-Rich Web Apps
  • CMS & Shopping Cart Development
  • Custom PHP Plugin Development
  • Customization & Extension Development

Hire Us as a PHP Web Development Partner As We Handle it Like a Pro

At Whiz Solutions, we have seen technology shifting from HTML to PHP closely as no other could. Transitioning among technologies and frameworks, we have developed a mastery over them that eventually helps build flawless technology solutions for your business. No matter if you are seeking PHP website development, custom plugin or enterprise-level web application, we handle it well in terms of delivery and execution. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Flexible & Scalable PHP Solutions

Build PHP development solutions that could scale-up smoothly with your business growth.

  • Efficient Web Development On a Budget

Our portfolio reveals the efficient PHP web development work we deliver on a budget that suits clients.

  • Timely Completion & Progress Updates

We deliver on-time and give you regular development updates so that you don’t lose sight of progress.

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Most popular and influential programming language for a Start-up


There is a number of programming languages available and each language has various characteristics, ecosystems, communities, and support. While selecting the right one you need to think about the most suitable language as well the software engineers as both together can make or break the project.

A common question by a lot of non-technical co-founders or founders is what programming language to choose for their startup. Whether you pick PHP,, node.js, etc each has its own pros and cons but in reality, all these languages have made great progress.

Below are some of the top coding languages in the world which you should consider for your startup.



PHP is a great language and one of the earliest languages. It has a lot of open source code which is used by many big companies. You will get tons of tutorials online and other information that you can learn and get it done by yourself if you don’t want to hire a PHP programmer. Systems like WordPress and Magento are made in PHP. It does not come with strict rules which mean you can be creative with the code as per your need.



.NET is mostly used in any applications that are running on Microsoft Windows. It’s closed because it is completely controlled by Microsoft. For a start-up environment, your developer might face some trouble as everything works within Microsoft. It is mainly used by larger businesses and enterprise.



Java is the most popular coding language across the globe. Since 1995, it has been used by many developers. Java is very easy to learn and you can use it on many different applications and devices without worrying about the operating system. With Java, you can get your work done as there is a number of candidates having knowledge and experience in Java programming.



Next is Python, another common and popular programming language. It is the most preferred programming language among the start-ups. It has its own large library and its an independent platform just like Java. There is no better programming language than Python when we talk about scalability. Development does not take much time and you can start your venture with a limited budget.



In recent years, Ruby has become popular for many start-ups as their preferred programming language. Anyone can learn from its comprehensive online education program if they don’t want to hire a new Ruby programmer. Just one thing to watch out that any application running on Ruby will not scale up so well. You may face some scaling issues when there are a large number of requests coming in on the server side.


In Nutshell, no matter what programming language you choose for your start-up, the most important is the knowledge and skill you get from your provider. All programming languages have made great products in history. If your team is familiar with PHP then you should go for PHP. Each language has its own pros and cons just analyze your requirement and take the best from all worlds.