TV Apex

The basic concept behind TV Apex was to create a video management portal that provides access to live TV stations across the country as well as double up as a webinar aggregator. The real challenge here was the fact that TV Apex was to be an open online TV station, inviting video creators, curators and subscribers to form and manage their own TV channels.

We developed a web solution designed for real time digital multi-cultural platform for TV Apex. Projecting an open platform that was accessible to users round the clock for collaborating, downloading and discussing videos, it soon evolved into a broadcasting platform to its patrons with video-making facilities. It also boasts of enhanced search features for users to indulge across a wide variety of video categories with ease.

Key Challenges

  • Multi-level and multi-channel integration of live video broadcasting
  • Open platform for online video viewing, curation as well as discussions
  • Aggregating webinars from across the web with in-depth user controls


  • jQuery
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Bootstrap
  • IIS
  • Windows Server

Proposition & Solution

  • Catchy user interface for easy browsing through the TV stations
  • Detailed user and video privacy controls for customised collaboration
  • Live broadcasting platform development

Results & Benefits

  • Live conference, broadcasting, webinar and teaching sessions
  • Event scheduling, video editing management and enhanced filter options
  • Ability to provide white label platform to users