Conceptualised as a futuristic online platform for booking and managing sports pitches across London, Pitchwise was to be developed as a comprehensive web solution. The website needed to give users an immersive experience, along with flawless functioning for easy booking. It was also to serve as a knowledge repository for sports enthusiasts.

Whiz built a full-service web portal with real-time integration, quick filtered search facilities, management automation and a Game Tactics builder tool. Integrated with a mobile app extension as well, Pitchwise has a solid database architecture to ensure handling of high traffic at any point of time. It is also custom-built to provide APIs for third party connections.

Key Challenges

  • Moving a completely offline activity to an online portal
  • Online integration across multiple pitches geographically segregated
  • Real time booking functionality that can works on session locks
  • Creating a seamless experience on both, the web and mobile platforms


  • Apache
  • PHP

Proposition & Solution

  • Comprehensive web portal supported by a mobile app extension
  • Evolved database architecture for real time booking experience
  • Simplified APIs for customizable third party integrations

Results & Benefits

  • Unfailing backend for a powerful and seamless system
  • Collection of gaming related collaterals for sports enthusiasts
  • Integration across multiple pitches and clubs for real time booking management