Originated from an idea to create a collaborative system that helped people locate their misplaced valuables around UK, MissingX was a massive project that was developed across the web, Android and iOS platforms. The major challenge was to develop a real time database that provided a user-friendly front with a powerful backend.

Whiz got involved right from the brainstorming stage, creating detailed wireframes of the product and ensuring fast quality performance at each step of development. We also designed and integrated supporting Android and iOS apps to maintain a singular front for users, while allowing them to access the huge database from anywhere in the country.

Key Challenges

  • Integration across multiple platforms
  • Comprehensive web portal development
  • Extensive real time database management
  • Tracking of valuables and payment


  • jQuery
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Bootstrap
  • IIS
  • Operating System
  • Windows Server

Proposition & Solution

  • Cross platform mobile apps development and integration
  • Customisable user profiles and management
  • In-site and in-app messaging services
  • In-depth filters for searching through valuables database

Results & Benefits

  • Broad database building and management with ease
  • Live tracking of valuables across the country
  • Seamless user experience on all involved platforms