Angular JS

AngularJS Development

Flexible and interactive web applications that leave your customer impressed – that’s AngularJS development producing tailor made solutions.

Simplify development while evolving user experience

Considered the leading front-end technology of the decade, AngularJS helps build powerful and dynamic applications that are cross platform and browser compatible. AngularJS is an open source Javascript framework that is designed to work around the flaws of basic HTML, carrying out development with feature rich solutions.

The Whiz Advantage

Interactive and data driven web applications are the biggest plus of AngularJS development. A next generation framework created to build dynamic web solutions in short time spans, AngularJS is a favourite at Whiz, being used to produce multiple high functioning industry solutions. Efficient to the core, AngularJS is the next big thing for developing complex yet gorgeous web applications.

What we offer:

  • Web App UI/UX Development
  • Mobile App UI/UX Development
  • API Development
  • Plug-ins Development
  • AngularJS Migration
  • AngularJS Maintence

Why AngularJS Development?

A perfect framework for high performance dynamic web applications that need to look just as good, AngularJS beats the competition on front-end development by far. Providing modern methodologies with well-structured, fast and reliable ways for project development, AngularJS is the ingenious tool our developers wield for coming up with stunningly extensive web solutions.

Highlights of AngularJS Development:

  • Speedy front-end development
  • Powerful library for custom widgets
  • Reusable HTML components
  • Flexible data management
  • Comprehensive yet simplified testing
  • High agility across browsers

Custom build beautiful business applications with AngularJS

One of the highlights of AngularJS is the ease and speed of development, while producing mind-blowing UI/UX interfaces for a perfectly rounded web application. Give your business a digital boost with this modern, clean and evolved framework. Developers at Whiz follow the industry standards to ensure high-end web applications that are evolved to deliver the best user experience.

Dynamic views for interactive websites

AngularJS takes care of multiple dynamic views with ease to adapt as per customer requirements to the tee

Rich and attractive UI designs

Being a front-end technology, AngularJS is known for delivering amazingly immersive user experiences

Simplified testing & data management

AngularJS brings on board easily scalable solutions with uncomplicated testing and flexible data integration