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We develop easy to use and robust software solutions that deliver business value leveraging the power of the web. Our unique mix of people, process and technology, helps achieve business benefits for you. We have a talented and experienced team of designers and developers. We use the latest cutting edge technology to deliver our solutions. We have developed our customised agile delivery and quality framework to deliver these solutions in a process oriented way. Our wrapper services of consulting and project management add value providing you a solution that meets your business objectives.

Web Design & Development

Our web design and development service includes creating websites. These can be simple static websites to complex websites like e-commerce and social media. It includes graphic user interface design, coding in popular web technologies like .NET/PHP, content management that gives the ability to make changes to website by non-technical users, network security configuration and, content writing. We also provide ancillary services like search engine optimization (SEO), the process to improve the website visibility in search engine results.

An impressive online presence is a necessity for any business. Our creative designers and skilled developers can develop any website for you. Our vast experience in developing websites forbusinesses in various industries helps to provide value added consulting indesigning the right website for you. Our interaction with you through a single point of contact gives you the accountability.


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Web Applications

A web application is software that is accessed using a browser. The user only needs a device like a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone that has a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox / Safari) and an Internet connection. There is no need to install any software on this device. Software can be updated in the background centrally on the server. They can be made available on the Internet or Intranet.

Web applications are very popular and quick method of digitizing any process. We have developed expertise in building web applications over the years. Our web apps team has talented graphic user interface designers, usability experts and software developers. We use agile development process and our internal quality framework in our software development life cycles. We have skilled IT resources and can develop software in any leading technologies like .NET, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, JSP/Java, PHP, HTML5.


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Mobile Applications

Mobile application or app is software that runs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It helps easier access to Internet services. Each mobile operating system requires a separate app. Hence separate apps are required for Apple, Android and Windows based smartphones.

Mobile usage is growing at an exponential rate and businesses must have a mobile presence and execute their business processes on this new channel to stay ahead in today’s competitive business environment.

We help you in this journey of enterprise mobility with our expertise in developing mobile apps. The technology to develop and test such apps is different than the technologies to develop websites and web applications and hence requires different skill sets. Our mobile app development in London center of excellence gives us capability of accelerated custom mobile app development for your business. In developing mobile apps, we focus on mobile strategy, ease of use, performance, security, functional viability, usability, scalability and, smooth integration with backend systems.


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Bespoke Software

Apart from developing websites and web applications, we also provide customised bespoke software services suitable for your business. This may include development of desktop-based client-server applications, customisation of standard off the shelf software package, enhancements in websites or web applications or maintenance of any softwarebeing used by your business. Our core expertise in software development hasgiven us the ability to develop software in any form. We are not a bunch ofdevelopers just churning out code. But we are an organised team with the right skills, using the right frameworks and processes with a strong customer orientation.


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Image Recognition

We are known for building scalable and innovative image recognition solutions to the clients. We create solutions that recognize the visual objects and enables customers to find the information about what they see on billboards, TV screens or anywhere. Being leaders in image recognition and visual search technology for online businesses, we have helped several … Continue reading Image Recognition


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