Conceptualized as a video management portal that provides access to live TV stations across the country as well as a webinar aggregator, TV Apex is a web solution designed for real time digital multi-cultural platform. TV Apex is an open online TV station, inviting video creators, curators and subscribers to form and manage their own TV channels. It provides a broadcasting platform to its patrons, projecting a real-time solution for all video-making needs. It also boasts of enhanced search features for users to indulge across a wide variety of video categories with ease.


  • Live Broadcasting system
  • Simplified User Channel building
  • Real-time Webinar solutions
  • Multi-cultural theatre
  • Privacy Management
  • Highly scalable back-end
  • Flexible social sharing

Services Provided

Web Design

Web design User Interface Usability

Web Development

Google Earth & Maps integration Real time mgmt. Reports Risk Analysis Knowledge repository

Maintenance & Hosting

24x7 support Cloud hosting Regular backups

Mobile Apps

App design Back end integration Android, iOS Performance enhancement

  • Ole Ray – MissingX

    My experience with the Whiz team was beyond just a business deal; we had this unique idea about creating a lost and found portal across multiple countries in West Europe. When I approached Whiz, the enthusiasm with which the idea was greeted swept me off! They conceptualized the excruciating working details, built quality architecture and came up with mind-blowing designs. Hats off, guys!

    Ole Ray – MissingX
  • David Arhen – Bagport

    Providing a wide range of involved services and spread across multiple cities, expanding the online presence of the bagport was a difficult task to comprehend for us. Interacting with the Whiz team simplified a lot of vague ideas I wanted to incorporate in the system during the first few calls itself! That’s when I felt that they’ll be able to carry out my dream project; and did they do a grand work of it! Would definitely recommend Whiz to budding startups for amazing solutions.

    David Arhen – Bagport
  • Dr Suhail Chughtai – Clinical Director, M L

    Online medical portals are tough to establish and draw patients to, given the lack of personal touch of a doctor. However, the web portal that Whiz designed for me was a winner from the start with super friendly navigation and enhanced interfaces. The patients keep getting drawn in by the professional outlook, and the whole online process of contacting and discussing issues with a doctor has been made very simple by Whiz. Good work, guys!

    Dr Suhail Chughtai – Clinical Director, M L
  • Anthony Taggart – Crewnet

    The idea behind Crewnet was to develop a live ecosystem where all involved members can share information in an integrated manner. The Whiz team understood the requirements perfectly, even adding on certain automation features to the system that hadn’t struck us. Their complete solutioning by integrating the site and mobile apps has brought in a lot of centralized traction for Crewnet. Was fun working with them, much appreciated!

    Anthony Taggart – Crewnet
  • Wayne-Hyde – Greenway & Associates Limited

    Being in the architecture and interior design industry without a website is an impossible task in today’s world. Whiz opened up an entirely new perspective to us with the introduction of internet marketing services as well. They integrated the shiny new website built for us with great content development that multiplied the user footfalls on our website in a matter of months! No wonder we love working with them, and recommend them to all we meet!

    Wayne-Hyde – Greenway & Associates Limited

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